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Hello world!

Posted: September 8, 2010 in Uncategorized

Ok…. here goes!! Well this is a little new, theres always some technology that we need to be jumping on the wagon with… We’ve managed the myspace, the facebook, the twitter and now here comes the blog. I must say tho, this could be fun. A great way to vent any madness away that you get building up in the day. I’m happy to give that a go… A friend of mine suggested a Brickies based blog, something our customers and bands could read and comment on so that they can get an insight into our day as we go about our Brickies buisness… well here it is!! however I actually have to go down to work now as Ive spent most of the day designing the newsletter for October and it is gone 8pm and I havent set up for Acoustic night yet which starts in an hour (something that you will actually find about me as our blog relationship continues…. I am ALWAYS running late lol).  Anyway – welcome and laters :o) Cx