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Posted: September 13, 2010 in Coming Up Tonight!!

Tonight is the sessions in The Brickies, four new bands get to showcase their talents on a big stage with a good lighting rig and awesome PA system. When I think back to when I started out, there was nowhere to play and no-one who was out there getting behind young people njust startiong out on the music scene. I think it was a lot of the driving force behind mum and I buying this place to be honest. As a musician and a young person (many moons ago) I was constantly having to lie about my age when playing in various venues. Most of the time I was the youngest in the band and in those days kids weren’t allowed in pubs and clubs.

We wanted to make The Brickies a starting point, somewhere where young people could come and play, where they could come and participate in gigs whether it is playing, watching, or both. A place for them to develop their musical individuality, find their place on the local music scene so to speak. I do feel that we have achieved this with our Monday nights, although having said that, they are not just restricted to young people. Our sessions slots are open to everyone. It’s a great way to get your foot in the door, for us to see you in a 20 minute package. Many Monday night sessionists have gone on to get gigs booked both in the main room and in B2 (The Brickies sister venue for original bands).

Ok…I am sufficiently full of caffine and it’s nearly opening up time. Guess I better stop rambling on and actually go and get on with the work I have planned for the day..

Rock AND Roll !!!

For the first time in a little while I have seen two 9 o’clocks in 24 hours. It was nearly disasterous however, as I nearly forgot we had agreed to let a local training company use B2 today OOOPS!! So at 9am this morning after about just 4 hours in slumberland I was shifting bloody wrought Iron tables and washing up cups and saucers and pretending that actually, I can be quite pleasant before midday – no really – I can, see? lol. On the bright side though, I get to make an early start on my jobs for the day which mainly include searching for a new mixing desk. Our Allen & Heath 2200 Mixer in the main Live Room has finally decided it doesn’t like mornings either and well, in fact it just doesn’t want to be here anymore. In fairness, it has worked real hard, 7 days a week for nearly 7 years, it certainly doesn’t owe us anything! It doesn’t ease the pain of having to buy a new one tho as its going to hurt a little financially – we seem to be looking at the best part of £4000 which is very scary..  BUT its a vital tool of our trade so it’s definately time to grin and bear it.

Also today I am blessed with the job of rewiring our cameras to the big screen as they seem to decide that they too will work as and when they like..I’m sensing a general theme here!! When these two wonderful tasks are in hand I will be then moving on to October’s edition of our newsletter, it takes me a good three to four clear days to prep the artwork for print and then convert it for the online version. Its quite a job but it is probably the biggest form of advertising for us as we shift nearly a thousand copies every month.  Im about half way through so with a little luck and my early start today I may complete it (that is if I don’t nod off at my desk!!)  When thats done I will be throwing myself into the redsign of our Brickies website. A mission that I have planned for the next 6 or so weeks. the plan is to make it much more interactive using some flash too I hope, however I need to maintain a healthy balance for those html fans and those with mobile devices. Ooooh the joys of a Monday.

Right I’ve ordered the new desk…32 channels of pure pleasure :o) managed to get it for just under £3500 which was a little better than expected but still a scary purchase!! It’s exciting having new toys to play with tho, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t slightly excited by this. 

Oh well…time to make the coffee for the training group…. and more caffine for me I reckon….