Short & Sweet

Posted: September 15, 2010 in Just another Day...

Today I will spend the next five hours in front of this screen, mainly putting finishing touches to the newsletter before I send it off to the printers. It’s nearly there now.  Then I have to go and set up for Acoustic Open Mic Night, our Wednesday regular session certainly comes around again quickly. It feels like we only put the gear away yesterday and here I am about to wheel the old piano out once more.  I must admit though, our Wednesday nights are much more successful than I expected and actually very different than I planned. In the beginning I had visions of Acoustic Open Mic nights being established players who would come and book in and play a three song slot and the night would pretty much go on such as. As it turns out there is an element of that but also very much more. It is so NON restrictive of anything, people of all ages, musical genres and abilities tend to participate and although we still get the established players turn up for their slots, it is these random other players/singers that actually give our Acoustic Open Mic nights it’s true identity.  It shows that music really IS for everyone, whether they can play a Ukelele, tin whistle or whether their a virtuoso on the Piano. Even if they cannot play an instrument we have some that just want to stand on our stage and sing acapella, now I take my beanie hat off to anyone who gives that a go. It certainly is heart warming to see music bringing everyone together, it spans the generations and closes the gap between our youngest (14) and our oldest (70).  It can be kind of surreal at times, especially when one second your listening to a crazy version of ‘Sex On Fire’ and then all of a sudden it’s ‘Sweet Caroline’, it just goes to show the diverse range of people that enjoy our Wednesday nights. Ok, enough chat…I really did mean it when I said short and sweet, I do actually have to do some work. If you have a spare hour this evening, come and have a look and see what it’s all about – I can guarantee that it will make you smile… right I’m off…

later x

Acoustic Open Mic @ The Brickmakers on Wednesday Nights

Acoustic Open Mic Night @ The Brickmakers on Wednesday Nights

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