Thats no moon….it’s a Space Station!!

Posted: September 17, 2010 in Just another Day...

This is a very unusual time to sit down and think about writing on here but so much has happened today, now is as good a time as any.  I got up early for a date with our builder friend who was coming to sort out a dodgy window and then straight after that I had a meeting with the Edp/Evening news press photographer who was coming to take a cheesey photo of me  striking a class pose with a copy of a poster we made for the LOVE YOUR LOCAL CAMPAIGN. For those of you who know nothing of this cause, it’s basically a campaign set up by our local press to get behind local pubs to help support the licensed trade in this very scary climate.

The Edp/Evening news help local pubs by aiming to encourage people to support their favourite boozer by highlighting all that is good about them, including the positive impact they can have on a community.In 1905 there were 363 pubs inside the city walls but, according to the latest figures, there were only about 140 remaining in the whole of Norwich by the end of 2008. The situation is so bad there are real fears the traditional pub, as we know it, could soon become extinct, a thing of the past. That’s a very scary fact!  So all us local licencees are standing up and backing the campaign.  Expect to see the cheesiest photo of me ever in the Evening News over the next few days heh heh!

Once that was over, I had resounded myself to a day with the website refurb but I received a very exciting phone call from PMT (that’s ‘Professional Music Technology – not a moody female) saying that our new mixing desk was in and about to be delivered.  So for the next six hours, Will and I stripped out the old desk, unplugged and rewired to get ready for the new monster – check out the pics(below). We had to use some gentle persuasion on the sound booth with the help of a saw and hammer, The new desk is getting on for 1.8M in length and that definately meant a little DIY was required.  Once the new beast was in place it was a case of rewiring everything back up and soundchecking everything to ensure it was all working in order ready for the evening’s gig. We finally finished it around 5.50pm.  Both Will and I stood back smiling at it like we’d just witnessed the birth of a litter of puppies, needless to say we were full of pride and excitement… I have to say the desk is amazing, it has so many capabilities,  although I’m not going to bore you all with in depth explanations of each one of it’s many knobs and sliders…  Job’s a good’un!  Done with an hour to spare for some dinner and coffee before the evening shift.

I managed to get down ready to set up for the band ‘Parkhouse’ who I haven’t seen play for a couple of years, I think the last time they were here I was either playing or had scraped a valuable night off. I have to say I was impressed by these guys, it was really refreshing to hear such a different set of covers by an obviously very experienced bunch of players (you can’t imagine how many times I hear ‘Sex on Fire’ and ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ in one week!) . We fired up the desk and the gig commenced. The desk was a dream and the band sounded hot! 

 I was just about to make a coffee when my staff and I were called to deal with a young man who was upset because he was refused service on the ground of no ID. I’m not going to go on about this but I will just say that it’s a shame that it only takes one person to go ahead and ruin the night for everyone else. Needless to say, we called the Police and let them deal with him.  (at this point I had to stop writing and deal with paperwork, statements etc…continued next day….)

After that little interlude things were pretty normal, the gig went well.. ‘Parkhouse’ were great and before we knew it, it was midnight again. 

It was time for our weekly session of line cleaning!  When we first moved in way back in 2003 the beer lines were scary, we had to have a cellar assessment and it turns out the lines we choc-a-bloc with yeast deposits – this is what happens when the lines are not cleaned regularly and sufficiently. Our Brewery they decided to condemn the lines and do a whole new cellar refit. So we got a whole new cellar line system and it was a breeze to keep clean and the beer was crystal clear.  Since then, they are cleaned every week without fail, a job that takes a good three hours to do but it is a job  in which we take pride.  There is no other way than to put cheesy tunes of the juke box and get on with it.  So  – Tracey, Em and I were up until around 2.3oam cleaning the lines, chewing the fat and listening to crappy cheesy music!  Finally the beer was back on and we said goodnight and climbed the stairs to home.  Last thing I remember as I laid in bed was that I was going to read some of my book – yep…that was the last thing I recall as I drifted away..

Next morning – 17th Sept – I didn’t have to get up early today (YES! *clenches fist in victory* ) although this morning was one of those where although i love my dogs dearly, I really could have throttled Tilly. She was clearly unhappy about a pidgeon landing on the roof as from 9.45am she decided it was her duty to bark and growl at this monsterous evil that was lurking outside the kitchen window.  Everytime I nearly fell back to sleep the little bugger started a new bout of barking… by the time she hit C#major Jack decided it was his duty to bark too, although he wasn’t particularly sure of the reason for his bark. Jack’s bark is about two Octaves higher and ensured that actually yes I was awake and I clearly was meant to be up and about.  Passing the kitchen in essence of Zombie I flicked on the kettle in hopes of caffine, opened the back door for the dogs to go about their business and scowled my meatiest scowl at the evil monster on the roof who seemed to wink at me as it flew off (hmph!).  Dogs pacified, I made coffee, got back in bed and thought… oh yeah – my book ….

I woke up an hour later and decided to work!  Here I am taking a break from the new website, more caffine and looking forward to using our wonderful new desk again tonight.  I’m sure the novelty will wear off eventaully but there are so many new buttons and knobs to discover, how happy can one girl be ?? lol.  Well, Hollow Earth cancelled tonight due to the guitarists hospitalisation (he’s ok tho so not to worry). Em and I had a mad panic to find a band but the amazing boys of ‘Worlds Apart’ agreed to help out and fill in for us. They have been an old friend to the local music scene for as long as I can remember and are an old favourite, a great work out for the new desk :) .

Right I am actually going to shut up now and get on with it.

Have a great weekend., hopefully we’ll see you 🙂

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