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ok, well it’s not quite stormy but it’s definately moody here at the moment.  Why is it when you actually don’t drink, you tend to wake up with a hangover?? I think the experts would probably put it down to dehydration, but lets be honest – the amount of coffee I drink there is no way I should ever be dehydrated!  So, I’ve flicked the kettle on and here we go to another Monday.  My mood is reflective of my Morning so far, please note the word I use there – “MORNING!!”…

YES! I forgot that I had the Adult Education guys using B2 for training today and tomorrow. there I was snuggled up in my cosy bed with my little Jack Russell snoring beside me when my blasted mobile brought me back from slumber… they were waiting outside, had I overslept???  mmmmm yes maybe a bit however – actually if you think of the actual meaning of ‘OVERSLEPT’  – to sleep beyond the proper or intended time of waking: or to let (oneself) sleep past the hour of arising  then I would have to argue the fact that actually I didn’t oversleep at all, in fact I bloody underslept!!! To oversleep would mean that I would have slept beyond the proper or intended time to sleep – Well I had ‘Intended’ to sleep until at least 11.30am…. it would also have meant that I would have let oneself (that’s me!) sleep past the hour of arising… well, my stated hour of arising was 11.30am! So in fact I have totally screwed by this oversleeping polava!!! (mmmmmm raspberry pavlova!!!mmmmmm)……………… Anyway…………………. I am actually confusing myself now and it’s way to early and caffine starved for that especailly when it really is my job to get my arse out of bed and be a landlady lol!!!  So,  I now have more coffee and am hoping that my Monday Morning Oversleeping Blues will dissappear into the bottom of my rather large coffee mug!!

So the weekend was good, a great mix of bands and a good atmosphere all round.  Now we’re heading for the next one. Time goes so quickly here, before you know it one weekend rolls around to the next and then you kind of realise that actually it’s Monday and I haven’t been outside the door since Friday – there’s something scary in that, but sometimes there is no way around it. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in stuff, there’s always something to clean, an advert to design, a website to update, newletter deadlines, cables to solder, rewiring to do, overlseeping …. lol! admist all that lot you need to cook and eat some dinner, feed & walk  the dogs and maybe have a shower here and there, where was I?? oh yes….getting lost in stuff… This weekend is going to be awesome actually, with Emma Hall on Friday and the we have a first time appearance from ‘The Dirt’ who are a Motley Crue tribute band. Now I’ll be honest here, I know what, maybe three MC songs (ish) so I couldn’t say I’m a huge fan but from what I’ve heard about these guys, it looks to be a good night and I’ll give anything a try.

The new mixing desk was a dream to use,  I could have benefitted from Go-Go-Gadget arms tho as I had to walk from one end to the other, however it was, and is, amazing.  What’s more amazing than that is that I am actually almost awake now… I have just made tea and coffee for the Adult Ed  students and briefly apologised to the trainers and explained that I am acutually human, and that I had already set my alarm for tomorrow morning to ensure that I would be ready for them. I was the butt of several jokes but I’m a tough cookie and can take it.

I’m really excited about tomorrow night. It’s the third of our Tennessee Tuedays and if the last one is anything to go by then it’s going to be awesome. When I started playing Bass with country band ‘OVERDRIVE’ we didn’t really expect to gig around here, what with Billy (our singer) having contacts mainly up in the northern country clubs. Our gigs did take us up to the top of the country but we really wanted a ‘Home’ gig and it seemed crazy not tro try it here. Whilst Country doens’t neccessarily go down a storm on our stage, mix it with a little rock and look what happens!!  ‘Overdrive’ seem to make the crossover quite happily and as The Brickies was fully booked we decided to give a Tuesday a go.  We start at 8.30pm with Sara (Billy’s Wife) offering a beginners line dance lesson before the gig starts so that you can all get in there and dance in true country style when the band kicks in.  It’s all good fun!! I reckon I might even have a go at the Line dance myself this time.  Our last Tennessee Tuesday was eventful as about 30 mins before the gig as I was getting ready, I tripped over upstairs, hit my head on the wall and pretty much knocked myself senseless – for a while there it was a toss-up between A&E or the stage, naturally I chose the stage!! (The hospital could wait!!). I’m hoping that tomorrow will be accident free. I’m the first to admit that I am a nightmare and completely accident prone!! Watch out everyone!!

Well, it’s getting on for 11.30am and I should think about starting my working day properly with erm…. some work – I have to send off the newsletter today and do some more web work. If I don’t get a move on I’ll end up oversleeping!!

Happy Monday folks!!! x