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Well, I havent written for  over a week, to be honest I just havent felt like it. I had planned to sit down and write a new blog post last Wednesday morning but mum called me early as our dog ‘Georgie’ had been taken ill and sadly had passed away.  Many of you will have met Georgie over the last seven years, she was a great bear of a German Shepherd. She was a massive part of our lives and part of the family, she came on several tours with us in the PP mini bus in the early days of my band and although we will miss her, she had a full and happy 15 years. As you dog lovers know, losing our furry friends is a big blow and Mum and I are both sad to say the least, so you can understand why I really didn’t feel like posting.  However, a week later an opportunity arose to offer a home to a new puppy,  in some ways it felt very soon but then again It also felt like a perfect way to begin to heal. So, Mum now has a new addition to the family, she’s only 14 weeks and a real little monkey. Her name is ‘Foxy’ and I’m sure you will all bump into her in the pub at some point. So a sad start and although Georgie will never be forgotten, by the end of the week we had a new beginning! 

Some fantastic news to report – we have finally managed to pin down a date  –  THE QUIREBOYS   are coming BACK to The Brickmakers on FRIDAY 3rd DECEMBER!  Tickets are £10 in advance or £12 on the door but be warned, at last check, we only had 37 tickets available. GET YOURS NOW!!!  For all of you guys that don’t know The Quireboys or haven’t heard of them, click here to check them out and then don’t delay in getting your tickets. These guys really are one of the coolest bands on the planet, they completely ROCK!  I’m a little excited, can you tell???  It’s kind of surreal for me, as a crazy teenager I used to follow these guys around, hang backstage with all the other screaming girls waiting to get my album signed lol, I even have a photo of me and Spike ( QB lead singer)  somewhere sellotaped into an old school exercise book taken backstage at the UEA when I was about 17yrs old.  Who would have known then that 18 years later they would come and play in our venue!!  It’s all very amusing, my teenage crush on Spike has disappeared over the years but my awe remains, these guys still know how to pick up an audience in the palm of their hands and rock them senseless.  I strongly urge you all – even if you haven’t ever heard of them, PLEASE take my word for it, this band are awesome and to see them in such an intimate setting such as ‘The Brickies’ is a real treat.  Get your tickets asap, you’ll kick yourselves if you miss this one!!   Ok, thats its on  ‘The Quireboys’  for now, I can’t promise I wont go on and on about them in the coming month, I’m so looking forward to it, I’ll probably drive you all nuts by the time the gig actually gets here!!


This coming week is looking really good, on Thursday ‘Rules Of Romance’ bring their night of powerpunk to The Brickmakers with the ‘POP PUNK SHOWDOWN II’,  it’s a night full of exactly that! –  pop-punk and powerpop.  On Friday my band ‘Pure Passion’ are playing, which is going to be awesome  – I know, I know,  I am biased but it will be awesome –  for me anyway. We always have such a good time playing, and we’ve been writing some new original songs which are planning to play in Friday’s set so we are feeling quite hyped and ready to rock… any of you guys going to the fireworks will still be able to make it here for the show afterwards, we’re not on stage until 10pm. Those of you NOT going to the fireworks will be able to come and watch our support which is HOT COLD GROUND, a different kind of support band for us as they are a blues/rock band playing the likes of Stevie Ray Vaughn’ and ‘Howlin Wolf’,  they are great at their genre and offer an hour of raw chunky blues before we hit the stage.  Saturday night is just as exciting when RAWKAS arrive back in Norwich. These guys have really stepped up their game since the addition of their new singer ‘Chris’ who has happily settled into this popular rock covers band.   The Lee Vasey band is back on Sunday lunch (12pm)  after a short break for annual holidays and then on Sunday night (9pm) we have our monthly music quiz.  I have to say, our music quiz is pretty special, it’s a two-hour extravaganza filled with music video clips, intros, pictures and 100 questions of crazy trivia to challenge your music knowledge. It’s only a quid to play and it’s a really good giggle. If you think you know your stuff, we throw down our glove to you and dare you to take on our quizmaster (that’s me lol !!!). Seriously though, its great fun – you should come and try it!!

Right, I think that’s it from me for tonight, I have to get myself to bed – I’m having an early night and AM going to make it to my duvet before 2am! GO ME!!!

Night night peeps