That Friday Feeling!!!!

Posted: November 5, 2010 in Coming Up Tonight!!

YAY!!!  I’m really looking forward to today…for one it’s Friday which means that the weekend is about to jump on us, secondly It’s guyfawkes weeked, I have to admit I’m a big kid when it comes to fireworks, I get completely wrapped up in the ooooohs and ahhhhhhs.. and sparklers…omg everyone has to have a sparkler..!! see there I go, all a little overexcited about the fireworks already! To top this awesome Friday off, I get to gig tonight with ‘Pure Passion’ here on home turf which is always a bonus for me, it’s just like partying with friends. I can’t wait…

Before then however, I have updated facebooks of my bands and The Brickies, started on the Christmas newsletter and drank 4 cups of caffiene filled coffee…  I’m now going to go and start setting up my stuff for tonight, there’s nothing like being prepared, even if it is a little early, it means I can chill out a bit later and not rush around.  Usually, I’m a classic one for being late and leaving things to the last minute, well not today – I’m going to have a go at being early GO ME! lol. We’ll see :o)

Foxy is settling in nicely, she’s so well behaved bless her, she’s met so many different people so far and has been plunged into such a busy and noisy environment but she’s thriving and loving the attention. The little monkey is not too happy about being shut in the office though, but she can’t quite grasp the fact that she’s not allowed to walk around the bar – something that she will learn in time I think. She is only 15 weeks after all and there are so many new experiences to be had here. We introduced her to Tilly and Jack yesterday – Jack is interested and I think they will be quite good friends eventually, Tilly is so NOT interested and is completely intolerant of her, in fact the look in her eyes suggests that she actually wants to eat her! So Im not sure that there is a natural flare of friendship there but we will persevere and keet trying, It would make life so much easier if they all got on.. Ill be posting up a piccy and vid of Foxy in the next couple of days so you can all see how gorgeous she is :o)

Right guys, thats it from me for today, I’m going to go and set up some equipment for tonight and get ready for the Friday sparkles. 

Happy fireworks and be safe


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