Tell me Why – I don’t like Mondays……

Posted: November 8, 2010 in Just another Day...
It’s not I have any particular hatred for Monday or have anything against it personally, It’s just they never turn out quite like you expect. For instance, I had very big plans for this Monday, they included starting the day with a lay-in,  especially as on Saturday night I was up most of the night with Tilly Bear who was poorly and then last night I had a bit of a fragmented nights sleep, so I was definitely ready for that lay in – except…  turns out that this morning is the morning where Chris comes and fixes my window, which although I have missed my lay in, I am grateful for as it means I won’t freeze when I work anymore 🙂 YAY! for being warm!    So – no lay in – but again on the plus side, here I am starting work early and hopefully getting lots done hah hah hah…. another thing with the Monday syndrome, I always have big ideas. Sunday comes and there it is… high hopes for the next day ahead! That familiar phrase – oooh I’m gonna do ____ tomorrow lol. I think last night I had planned to do so much with today including, finishing the Christmas Newsletter, finishing the new website, update screen ads and then lots of stuff for both my bands – Yep! that’s all gonna happen I reckon… Maybe if I just pick the most important one and go with it I might actually get one job finished rather that five started… that’s it, get the head in gear and go for it..Yes I think that’s the way forward today but first – kettle on and caffeine fix…brb!!!


Ok…there we go, that’s better… I have coffee and Connie Francis,  It’s looking brighter already – as far as gigs go, the weekend was fun, ‘Pure Passion’  rocked on Friday night and I had a really good time playing some new songs, I have to say it’s a double whammy for me as I get to enjoy the night from both sides of the fence. As a Licensee it’s very satisfying to see your venue full to the brim of people loving the band and enjoying themselves. It’s amazing to feel it from both sides,  it’s a brilliant version of happy 😀   Saturday night was great too, ‘Rawkas’ delivered another stomping night of Classic Rock and I have to say that they played a blinder considering they were up against multiple fireworks events across the city.

Speaking of ‘Rawkas’, I need to just mention their recent sad misfortune – on Thursday last week they had all their PA/band equipment stolen from their van and according to local police they did 11 other vans across the region too. It completely sucks, bands such as these guys work their butts off and gig solidly to be able to afford their gear and we all know that this stuff doesn’t come cheap. It’s a kick in the teeth when someone walks in and just helps themselves to it.  These guys are pros, they knew what they were looking for and did a professional job, windows were removed – not smashed and all their gear was taken silently from them. It makes you think twice about leaving anything in your vehicles – especially this time of year. I know that I wont be doing it again, it’s so tempting to just get home from a gig and leave your gear in the car/van – believe me the last thing you feel like doing at 2am is unloading all your equipment, but for the sake of 20 mins it’s worth it to know that it will still be there in the morning!  The Rawkas guys will be giving me a list of stuff they lost so I can post it on our facebook page  just in case any of you guys get offered it or see it whilst shopping – it’s a long shot but you never know.

Now on to a happier subject – CHRISTMAS!! I was just about accepting it’s imminent happening when I heard they switched the Christmas lights on LAST WEEK!!! what’s going on?? we’ve got six weeks to go right?  Now I am the first to admit – I absolutely love Christmas time, the sparkle, the tinsel, the carols, the reindeer and hopefully this year the SNOW!!  But really – the first week of November??? It’s one of those we really can’t fight against,  it seems we are going to have to hold on tight and go with the flow – however, you can count on the fact that our Christmas Decs will not be up until the first week of December.  Christmas is always exciting here, our wonderful customers always get in the Christmas mood (apart from our BAH HUMBUG – Gerry!) and there is a real sense of Brickies Christmas Spirit and I think this year is going to be amazing – we’ve got all the best local acts playing at some point during December, including  a performance from THE QUIREBOYS on Friday 3rd Dec, a gig that has taken us two years to book. As they are quite a big band, and we are only a small venue they tend to only come here when they can fit us onto the end of a tour or as they’re passing through!  Luckily for us, they are passing through from London to Bristol via The Brickmakers!!!   Want tickets???    We also have a very exciting much awaited date with the nations favourite KISS tribute ‘Dressed to Kill’ on Saturday 4th December who I have to say are totally awesome, that guys platforms finish where my knees start!! Seriously tho, check out out December Gig guide asap, it’s full to the brim with all your favs!! Ooooh I do believe that for a little moment there I felt Christmassy…… mmmmmmm mince pies…..

Every time I write a blog post, I’m always on about how good the coming week is and I am aware that I might get a bit boring keep going on and on about whats coming up but the problem is, that it really is all so good. i mean – I eat, drink, sleep and dream The Brickmakers, everything I do, every day is pretty much built around this place, and to a certain degree the reason you are reading this is because there is a part of you that loves it too! 🙂 so for that reason I tend to go off on a tangent and ramble on about the week ahead, someone somewhere told me that’s what a blog is for – incessant rambling… my god I do it well lol!   We are so lucky here, we have so many amazing bands and while there are some acts that do not float my boat,  to be completely honest, most of them are pretty good, some are exceptional and it’s only fair to share!! This week at the weekend we have one of my favourites on Friday night (12th) when The Cleaving Heevages return to stage. This band is just brilliant, three ladies up front playing sax and dressed in red feather boas – all your favourites twisted and reformed into vague memories of songs you once knew with risqué lyrics and quirky stage antics. I love these guys, they make me smile from start to end. Can’t wait for Friday…  ‘The Someones’ are here this Saturday with their first major headline gig since their support last month. They were a very nice surprise and were a hit with the local audience so we thought we’d get them back to give them a try, I reckon it’s going to be massive!  Not forgetting performances from ‘Cold Sweat’ on Tuesdays and blues from ‘The Fender Benders’ on Thursday, this week is very happy and exciting!


Slight change of subject – Little Foxy has doubled in size in a week, and she’s definitely not going to be little for much longer – she’s going to be huge…. I have finally added a pic  for you to see, she’s so good bless her!

Woo Hoo!!! it’s 10am, and I still have 2 hours to get a head start on the Monday ordering and wage returns before I have to open up so you know what? I’m going to shut up now and get on and do it!  Have a good Monday, whatever you’re up too – one thing’s for sure – it won’t be what you expect it to be – Mondays are just to Orangy for crows!!!


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