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I’m gonna start my working day with a little blog, I feel it’s only fair as It’s been way too long since my last one. Time has kinda flown by and LOOK! it’s only 29 sleeps til Father Christmas delivers all our wonderful pressies….YAY!!! My mild panic regarding Christmas shopping has kicked up a notch becoming a Moderate panic, by the time we get to the first week of December – The Christmas Tree will be up and sparkling and I will be flying into full-scale intense panic. The problem I have is that my free time and spare money don’t seem to coincide. Every time I get a free couple of hours where I can manage to get some pressie shopping done, it seems I can’t as I have to work or I have saved my pennies and then I get no time to go. It’s not working out right, this Christmas shopping thing. Thank God for the internet – that’s what I say!  In the midst of my panic though, I have to say I do completely love Christmas, it’s always been my favourite time of year, enhanced by nieces and nephews of course.. mind you, they won’t be believing my Father Christmas stories this year 😦 they have all suddenly grown up.  It’s a great time of year to be with your family and friends, share some good times and play in the snow!! YES SNOW!! I love the stuff and I will not be disappointed this weekend as it’s looking to be a very big snowy one. When I let the dogs out in the garden this morning I did a wonderful impression of Bambi on the roof, It was like an ice rink up there – I must admit, I wasn’t particularly graceful but I did manage to remain vertical throughout – just!  It must have looked funny as I flailed my arms in my PJ’s – I’m sure I provided the Sprowston area with much entertainment this morning.   It’s typically wintery out there right now, the snow has eased and the sky is gorgeous, it is of course lulling us with its wintery lullaby, making us think that it’s all going to be ok.  Just when we think it’s ok to hang up the hat and gloves that first snowflake is going to drift down from the fluffy heavens and that’s it!  the whole of Norwich will be driving at 5mph and Tescos will be making a mint from panic buyers… which reminds me – I must go stock up on bread cheese and milk, just in case!!   Hee Hee I can’t wait – let it snow, come on bring it on sky!!!

Right enough mindless Christmas rambling, I actually should think about doing some work.   The new website is coming along nicely now, it’s looking to be ready for January so watch this space, mmmm actually not this particular space, the other one – you  know…  that one! that’s where it will  be. Same home, new look!  This weekend should be manic, that is if the snow doesn’t keep everyone shut in their houses with their bread and cheese.  Friday night we have a date with local ska legends ‘Monkey Spanner’, this is always a fun packed night. It’s crazy – I’m always adamant that I hate reggae and Ska, yet I really enjoy these guys every time they are here and always end up dancing.  For all you pure-blood rockers, Saturday night we bring you home with ‘WHOLE LOTTA DC’, an awesome tribute to ACDC. Don’t forget Lee Vasey is here on Sunday lunch from 12.30pm to keep it chilled and then erm… horny (in the trumpet /saxophone sense of course!). Then Sunday night it’s Karaoke time for all you budding singers out there. Whatever you’re in to, it’s going to be a great weekend of varied music so there should be something for everyone…

We have the December newsletter up and online for those of you that wish to start planning your festive nights out, you can access it here!  Also, if you haven’t got your tickets for ‘PURE PASSION’ & ‘TENDAHOOKS’ on New Years Eve yet, please hurry… we have sold 75% of our tickets and you know it happens every year, by mid December, they will be all gone. You can pick them up from the venue.   Talking of tickets, we have a few left for ‘ THE QUIREBOYS’  gig on Friday 3rd December. That’s going to be an awesome gig, one you really shouldn’t miss. It’s brilliant to see such a well known popular band play in a small intimate venue, people are travelling from all over the country to see this gig for that reason. You can get tickets for this from here or come and see us to pick them up.

Right, I’m done I think – well for now anyway. I’m heading straight for the website, got a deadline to meet.

Have a fabulous, snowy and safe weekend guys

C xx