A whole lotta Sunday!!!

Posted: November 28, 2010 in Just another Day...
I don’t usually feel like writing at the end of a shift, usually as I’m so knackered I just want to collapse in my bed, however tonight I’ve got a few minutes whilst we’re waiting for the last few customers to head to their homes. We’ve had a great couple of days here at The Brickies, last night ‘Monkey Spanner’ got everyone winding and grinding to their Ska/reggae tones and despite the snowy weather and treacherous roads they packed the place. Tonight ACDC tribute – ‘Whole Lotta DC’ rocked us all.  They are such a good band and they kept everyone entertained all night. Bless them, I don’t envy them the four and a half hour trip home that’s for sure, especially as there are a lot of roads and junctions shut down tonight due to earlier road accidents – It will most likely be close to morning by the time that they arrive home.  I actually braved the city today for my first attempt at Christmas shopping. I managed a few bits and bobs but it seems that I will have to try again, and again and probably a third time lol.  It felt quite nice to be in the city with the snow on the ground, I almost felt Christmassy 🙂   It all starts next weekend. We have one hell of a weekend heading our way with the awesome ‘QUIREBOYS’ on Friday night (If you havent got tickets yet you can get them here!)  and then sparkly rockers ‘DRESSED TO KILL’ – KISS tribute on Saturday night. Two absolutely massive gigs in one weekend and what better way to start the festive month.  I can’t help it, I do get ridiculously excited about Christmas – after the weekend madness we will be putting up our tree and all our Christmas Decorations, including the 20 odd sets of lights that light the building. I dread to think about our January electric bill heh heh.  It will all be worth it though!

Well, it’s nearly 2am and I suppose I should go and finish cleaning, in fairness our wonderful staff team have completed the majority of it tonight – they rock in they’re very own way! I just need to buff and polish the floor, a job that in itself will take about 1.5 hours. It needs doing badly as all the snow has taken the top layer of polish off and it’s looking dull and dreary.  By the morning it will be shiny and dance worthy, just in time for the Lee Vasey Band to get groovy.

Goodnight folks, hope you’re all tucked up warm and cosy in your beds – I’m not far behind!


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