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Yes this is definitely the question I am asking myself as I sit here blogging in bed at 4.50am on the morning of Christmas Eve. I have my little Jack beside me snoring softly and I must say I am quite jealous of his cosy slumber.  Tonight I am exhausted yet sleep eludes me! I think I’m having a severe case of the overactive mind tonight. I’m pretty sure that everything is ready for the Christmas period, all the stock is in and the bands are ready, it’s all organised. Maybe that is the problem, I’m used to a little bit of chaos, to finally be ready and organised seems slightly alien to me lol.

Well tonight we had our staff Christmas party in the pub, nothing too crazy just the whole staff team meeting for a few drinks before Christmas. It always makes me giggle, it seems that half of the people who attend our staff nights out or in are actually ex-staff members. Those that have left and gone on to other jobs but have still maintained good relationships with the staff and friends they made whilst here at The Brickies.  See, you can check out any time you like but you can never leave *laughs wickedly*!! Seriously though, all credit to our amazing staff team, Both Mum and I consider ourselves to be very lucky in that we have such a competent and friendly staff team, it’s like a little family, one which we are very proud of. They are just fab!

Don’t forget, if you are not sure what to do tonight and fancy a night out, we have ‘The Floating Gryhounds’ on stage at 10pm to rock us safely into Christmas Day. It’s FREE ENTRY and we expect to be full so make sure you get in early to avoid queuing.

Well this is it folks, Christmas Eve is finally here and Father Christmas is fuelling up his reindeer and getting ready to rock. It’s way passed 5am now and I am going to attempt to grab some sleep.

Have a brilliant Christmas everybody…


I mean, seriously, this is the third week of my very unique brand of Man-Flu. It’s really not funny anymore and I am very tired and weary of feeling like poo!  It’s very obvious that this predominantly male illness has mutated into a more serious strain that women can catch. naturally it had to be me that tested it out!!  It’s very difficult to run a venue and keep up with all my work when I am feeling this rough but I have to say that we are very lucky here to have the best staff team ever, a good bunch that are alway there to help us out and I have thanked my lucky starts for them on more than one occasion over the last couple of weeks – thanks guys, love ya all loads!

Well folks Christmas is well and truly around the corner now and there are only a handful of shopping days left. I hope that you are all a little more organised than me, It’s not that I’ve got much more to do, more that there is not much time left for me to do it in.   I think everything is in place and organised as far as the pub is concerned, it’s just making sure that I have all the family’s presents ready and wrapped, and as I haven’t even bought any wrapping paper yet it’s safe to say I’m running a little bit late.  Despite my lateness and disorganisation, I am looking forward to sharing Christmas here with you all again, don’t forget Mum and I will be opening the pub here on Christmas Day 12 – 3pm if you fancy a Christmas drink with us.

This weekend looks to be awesome, that is if it is not hindered by the weather. If the rumours are true about this weekend then it seems we are in for a rough ride however, the dance goes on and the music keeps playing whether it snows or not. Tonight we have a date with the fabulous ‘Emma Hall Band’,  It’s bound to get a bit funky when the local pop diva takes the stage.  Tomorrow afternoon we are celebrating the birthday of one of our regulars – ‘Pip’, he will be in all afternoon and we will be enjoying some music from Mr Ian Larkin, feel free to come and join in the festivities from 2pm. Then tomorrow night we had originally a date booked ‘The Rock Doctors’ but after they surprisingly disbanded last month we have replaced them with the amazing  ‘Super Action Heroes’.  After that we are in line for the Christmas run up, I trust you are all ready to rock?? We have a handful of tickets left for New Years Eve is=f you havent got yours yet then there is still time, albeit not a lot.

Right that’s it for tonight guys, I’m gonn a drag my butt into the shower and try to shake of this cold ready for tonight! See you there…


See that’s what happens when you’re feeling a little poorly and you think it’s a great idea to have a cough sweet in your mouth in bed. In fairness I’ve spent the last day and a bit struggling a little for air. I have the most commonest of colds but unfortunately, mixed with my Asthma it’s become quite ‘EEEEEVIL’. So thinking it would ease my cough I popped one of the largest cough sweets on the market – yes a JAKEMANS! whilst they are very good at clearing said tubes, they are rather huge. They obviously helped with my cough as I woke up several hours later to find it happily stuck to my chin… it was a tad gross, but I was most thankful for the Jakemans.  Anyway, enough of all that grossness…

This weekend just gone has been colossal, completely manic and busy but so much fun. THE QUIREBOYS gig on Friday was a huge success, they completely brought the house down with their honky tonk rock n’ roll. We had a very happy venue and many happy people. The boys are doing an acoustic tour next year and we’ve  already signed up for it so keep your eyes posted on us, we’ll let you know the details as soon as we get them.  Saturday was equally as exciting with DRESSED TO KILL. The KISS TRIBUTE were supported by Norwich’s very own ‘THE BURNING CROWS ‘who completely stormed the stage with their own unique self penned tracks. I have to say that I have watched these guys get bigger and better over the last year, they are definately a force to reckoned with on the local original rock scene.  If you haven’t seen them – WHY NOT?   The DTK team didn’t disappoint with their show, there were flashes, bangs, flames, fake blood and many sparkles!! They were awesome and we can’t wait to see them again next year too!

The start of a new week brings some new jobs and some repetitions of some old ones too.  Yesterday I managed to finish the January Newsletter and sent it off for printing as well as get it published online ready for you guys to read nearer the time. Today I’m trying to get a little in front by doing the quiz for 2nd January.  Way back in July, I spent two weeks working solidly on quiz material and completed enough quizzes to take me up to Christmas. Having just ran the last quiz for this year it seems I am out of free passes. The next couple of weeks will be filled with quiz related items as well as the website stuff.  I’m working to two serious deadlines here. The quiz has to be ready for Jan 2nd and the website needs to be ready for the launch on January 1st so really I need to shake a tail feather and get it sorted.  *Reaches for the Abba &  Boney M tracks to invoke good working mood*

As far as gigs this week go tonight young rock band ‘Slippery When Wet’ head for our stage around 9pm. Tonight I will be recording their set for their demo so it should be a good one. I have to say actually that it is very rare we see a young band come through the venue that you can see going on to eventually take the place of favourite rock bands such as Floating Greyhounds or Raw Edge in the future. If these guys keep at it they will be able to do exactly that.  On Thursday night we have a night with  ‘Stone Cold Sober’, three front vocalists and a set the includes songs from ‘Rod Stewart’ through to ‘Blondie’.  Modern local rock band ‘REPLICA’ take the stage on Friday and then popular lads ‘WORLDS APART’ give us their last performance of 2011 on Saturday night. It’s going to be a fun week and things are starting to feel festive, speaking of festive I think mum is out on the roof beginning Operation Christmas lights! The whole pub will be sparkling and twinkling soon, so much so that I think we will be able to land a few planes in the back garden lol.

Right folks, it’s a short and sweet one today as I really have to get a shifty going on and do some work…

Have a good Tuesday


PS: Check out the awesome DRESSED TO KILL piccies courtesy of Clare Phillips!

Oh yes… I’m not kidding when I say I’m getting over excited. ‘THE QUIREBOYS’  are here tomorrow and it’s going to be so good. We’ve sold a lot of tickets and are hopeful that we’ll sell out on the door. This will be the fourth return for the awesome Quireboys and we can’t wait – they are so good !LAST CHANCE FOR TICKETS HERE!  Then on Saturday we have sparkles and glam with KISS tribute ‘DRESSED TO KILL’ , it’s crazy – two of the most waited for gigs and they’re happening on the same weekend. What a double whammy of great music!  It’s a bit nervy, doing the sound for two professional bands but it’s all good, they know what they’re doing and with our top-notch PA we should be in for an awesome sound. The boys from DRESSED TO KILL will be using all the usual on stage sparkles including various indoor pyrotechnics and fire eating – it’s certainly going to be a visual spectacular.   Make sure you come and share this weekend with us, you’d be nuts to miss either gig if I’m honest!

Preparations for Christmas are underway, we’ve located all our decorations and are picking up the tree on Monday so the pub will be looking very twinkly very soon.  Mum loves it, all those Christmas lights to put up, it takes so long and all those little bulbs to test lol. It will all be worth it when they are up and sparkling.  The snow has helped us all feel a little more ready for the festive season, it’s the way Christmas should look after all. It will be here and gone before we know it so it’s time to make the most of the snow and the festive cheer… YAY!!!

I’ve almost caught up with all my deadlines, the January newsletter is just about ready for printing, everything went a little mad as all our suppliers shut down over Christmas so all our ads and artwork have to be in two weeks earlier than normal. It’s been a little bit of a mad rush over the last couple of days to get everything ready and in order.  In true sods law form – just in time for the Christmas Quiz our laptop has decided to stop outputting volume in stereo which means in some parts of the quiz and karaoke we are only coming out of one side of the PA system. In short it’s irreparable as the socket is fixed directly to the motherboard rather than a sound card that we can just change. So we’re gonna have to get a new laptop. There’s always something that needs repairing or fixing around here…it does my nut in at times lol. I guess it’s the nature of the job.

On a more positive note, it’s the quiz this week. It’s become something of a legend in the city, I never expected people to love it so much. I have to admit – it really is good fun and totally worth the 15 hours it takes me to create each one.  The Christmas one is always fun too as I get to include cheesy tunes and videos of a christmassy nature. It’s fab – if you haven’t been and had a go yet, you really should get yourself a team together and come and have a go. You need four people preferably with a little knowledge of music, the quiz includes music from the 1940’s right up to present day so the bigger age range of your team players the more chance you have of stealing the prize (which is usually the money pot of players entry money). This week we may put something a little extra festive in for the winners. It starts at 9pm and is only £1 each. Come and have a go if you think you’re hard enough!!!

Right I think that’s all I’m going to say for tonight, It’s Thursday and it’s time to clean the lines so I better get my butt moving.

Get over here this weekend, it’s going to be awesome every night!!!