The one where I’m another year older….

Posted: March 2, 2011 in Uncategorized

Yes, I’ve just recovered from my birthday weekend and what a weekend it was.  I spent two fantastic days surrounded by my family, friends and customers in a place I am very proud to call home. Yes of course I’m talking about ‘The Brickies’. On Saturday night just gone we had the awesome ‘MAETLOAF’, an exceptional tribute to the force that is MEATLOAF. Without going on about it too much I have to say that these guys are in my humble opinion one of the best tributes I have ever seen.  I saw Meatloaf a couple of years ago and to be completely honest I came away from the gig feeling empty and disappointed.  Maetloaf were just incredible, Craig (Mr.Loaf) is everything and more than the real thing, he rises to the challenge and exceeds all expectations. His vocals and stamina are exceptional.  The girls, Mel and Jodey are equally as competent with powerful, soulful vocals.  The Band themselves as a whole create a presence on stage fuelled by passion and charisma. I couldn’t have had a better birthday and am still on a high from the gig.  It’s always the sign of a great band when they leave you wanting more and the time went way too quickly. They wont be back until next year now, we’ve booked them in for another exciting birthday night next Feb. In the meantime, check them out and friend them on Facebook for more info.  Thanks to all of you guys that sent me cards, fuelled me with alcohol and helped me to celebrate… I am another year older but I’m sure I remain as unwise as I have always been lol.

So what has been happening in the world of ‘The Brickies’??? well, I know it’s been a few weekes since I last wrote, I have been kind of letting the new website settle in for the month and fixing last-minute bugs, it seems to be holding it’s own really well. We are so chuffed with how it’s going and the positive feedback we have had concerning it. The site itself has had in the month of February 1329 visits and 4796 page views. That’s a huge number and we are very excited by it. It’s good to see that it’s actually being used, I mean, I knew people would pop on and have a look but I wasn’t quite prepared for that response – it’s awesome! The next step as far as the website goes is to cater for all those with mobile devices. The website is exciting, flashy and new but it is not as present accessible to those with Iphones, Ipads and other mobiles with web capabilities. Luckily for us, we have the amazing Ben, he’s helping us to create an App-like version of the site which will work happily on all your mobile devices. It won’t have such a vast amount of content as the website but it will have a gig guide for the month, a in depth guide of what is coming up that week. It’s basically all you need for The Brickies on-the-go!  So that’s all pretty exciting stuff. I’ve also been looking into the possibilities of podcasting gigs, blogs and internet radio – just because I like to keep on the go and keep new things happening all the time here at ‘The Brickies’. I have loads of ideas for new and exciting additions to our offerings, you guys will just have to watch this space.  I just can’t sit still too long lol. 

This week is cool, the new newsletters are out, you can view it online here or pop in and pick a paper one up for more info on whats happening. This weeks hot happening is THE SEX PISTOLS EXPERIENCE this thursday night. Get in early and you’ll get in cheaper.  Also lined up for me this week is some more maintenance on the PA system and lighting rig. We spent a night last week going through the monitors and mending thingies, replacing drivers fuses and bulbs. I ordered new parts and am now waiting so I can fix the rest….everything seems to give up at the same time, lol.

Right, I think I’m supposed to be cleaning a loo somewhere so I had better go and do it  ( I wonder if I can do that with my soldering Iron and a phillips…..)

Laters folks


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