Posted: April 15, 2011 in Just another Day...

Hey everyone 🙂 I know it’s been a while since my last blog, things have just been completely mental on both a professional level and a personal level.  I’m juggling standing on one leg at the moment and I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve been struggling keeping up to my deadlines. It’s a full time job running a busy venue let alone playing in a band , adding a wedding to organise and caring for poorly grandparents to the mix. However, we are still here, The Brickies is thriving and still rockin’ in a scary economic climate and we are SO ready to party. YES! it is that time of year again where we are going to celebrate another fantastic year here at ‘The Brickmakers’. Mum, Em and I took over in April 2003 and it’s been an epic journey from there to here… We’ve made alot of wonderful friends on the way, and seen some awesome bands. With the future of pubs swinging uncertainly in the hands of fate we are constantly amazed at the amount of love and support we get from you guys, it is definately you and of course the bands that keep us going every day. So with a view to rockin’ away the next eight years we are inviting YOU ALL to get your butts down here tomorrow night (SAT 16th APRIL) for our 8th birthday party. Its FREE ENTRY and it’s going to be mental. There is a surprise band on, that kind of means that none of you will know who is playing until they strike that first chord. I have to say, the last month has kept us smiling as you all keep trying to guess who the band is. I even got asked in TESCOS who the birthday band was… yes it nearly caught me out lol. So, make sure you get down here early as Annie will be on the door counting you in and when we’re full I’m afraid you’ll be in a queue.  We’re not giving away any clues other thatn 1) it’s a band that we’ve never had before and 2) They have been around since late 70’s spanning all decades to now!  – That’s it, thats all youre getting.  If you want to know, we’ll see you here for a beer tomorrow night from 8.30pm.  We’ll be down the front ready to dance so we’ll see you there!  – If you want a little giggle, check out some of the piccies below!

As for tonight, if you feel like getting warmed up for the birthday bash, awesome local rockers FIREWIRE will be bringing us a set of modern and classic rock complete with lasar show starting around 9pm. We look forward to seeing you.

Right thats short and sweet I know, but as I said im sooooo behind on deadlines, my newsletter should have been sent off two days ago, I only started it this morning so I better get some ABBA on and get a shifty!!!

C xxx

  1. Just wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you all. You guys have worked tirelessly to transform the Brickies into a friendly, fabulous place to play (both in a musical and non musical way!!) Well done for all you have achieved and have a great night.. Sorry I can’t be there to celebrate with you. See you Sunday though
    Claire xxx

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