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Posted: June 20, 2011 in Just another Day...

Well it is a little late, in fact it’s just gone 4am. You see, the problem with having some time off is that there is so much to catch up on when you come back you end up burning the candle and feeling like you never had a holiday to start with.  It’s not that I went away or anything, I literally just pressed the stop button for a few days and it was heavenly.  Towards the end though I found myself with a pesky cold and the Newsletter and Quiz started to loom over me a bit so I decided to do a little bit.  That was it then, I clicked back into work mode.  Good grief am I gonna be cutting it fine this month.  Normally when I go away or have time off I am quite organised, I work doubly hard before I go to make sure everything is up to date and a little more so I don’t have to run around like a loony when I get back. This time, I didn’t get it together enough to get in front and YES! you’ve guessed it – I’m running around like a loony.  Let me tell you a little about what I’ve been up to….

Yesterday I spent most of the day designing the poster for BRICKFEST 2011. There are 36 bands to include, logos from both JACK DANIELS (who are kindly sponsoring the B2 Stage), Norfolk Road Saftey – HUGGER LOGO (who are getting behind BRICKFEST 2011 this year with their road safety campaign) and our two chosen charities ‘Great Ormand Street Hospital’ and ‘Magdalen Gates Primary School’. That’s a lot of info on one poster, however I finally finished it and it looks pretty good albeit a little full up.  The poster had to be my starting point as I need to include it in July’s edition of the newsletter which I am currently working on. I need to get that finished and sent off by Tuesday at the latest. 12 pages to design and I’ve completed the grand total of 3! lol… I’m not too worried though, I have dedicated the whole day and night to it tomorrow until it is finished. When that is done I then have just over a week to finish July’s Quiz and begin the PR for BRICKFEST. From the start of July we will start sending out our press releases to promote the event to all local and some specific national medias. It’s quite a job, but one that is vital to the success of the event. I have to then get our BRICKFEST programme designed and sent off to print as well as getting artwork completed and sent off for wristbands and all special merchandise for the day. It’s going to be so cool, in fact this is going to be HUGE!  We are all very excited, there is just a lot of work to be done in the run up to the day.  

As most of you know, on our charity days, we, as in The Brickies staff team choose a theme and all dress in fancy dress, we like to get in the spirit of things, our last one had a theme of Emergency services as it was in aid of The Air Ambulance.  Several people made comments on the day that had they have known, they would have made the effort and joined in with our costume theme. So to save any disappointment, we are going to tell you what our theme is for BRICKFEST 2011. If you are brave, if you are strong enough to stand the giggles, the torment, the heat and pure humiliation then keep your eyes on our Facebook page…. within the week we will be announcing our BRICKFEST fancy dress theme. Seriously, it’s all for charity so if you feel like you would like to join in with us then we would be delighted to not be the only ones that look silly!

Right folks, it’s heading towards 4.30am and I need to up and about in 7 hours ready to open up for a new week. I had better try to go and get a little shut-eye. 

more waffle to follow I’m sure!

Goodnight Narrrrrich


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