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Yep… You did read that right lol. It’s currently half past three in the morning, Em and I are
Sitting in the dark in the band room waiting for some paranormal activity! It all started a few months back when I returned one night from a night out. I noticed there was a
car parked next to mine with the acronym NPIG sign written on the rear windscreen. When I entered the bar, I enquired as to who it belonged to. I then subsequently found myself having a conversation with the Norfolk Paranormal Investigation Group. We chatted about their work and as the paranormal has always interested me I asked them whether they ever did investigations in pubs… John said he had in the past but most pub owners who claim their pubs to be haunted are afraid to have it disproven for fear of losing business. I guess I can understand it to a point as there are those pubs that use the word haunted to sell their name. Having nothing to lose and no fear I invited John and his team to The Brickies. Now, whilst i’m not a sceptic, I am also aware that the human mind is very cleaver and can make us imagine some very strange things. Over the last eight years we, staff, customers and even some Bands have experienced something unexplainable. When chance arose for a paranormal investigation we were more than up for it. So at midnight tonight The NPIG team arrived with emf metres, digital thermometers, barometers, thermal imaging equipment and infra red  Cameras. They set up cameras in activity hotspots and once out customers had left and the lights were out the investigation began. So, here we are in the dark. So far they have had a slamming door and have heard voices. Something tells me it’s about to get intersting!! God it’s got cold in here…

Well, its now the next day and we had quite an eventful night.  Our resident spirits (not the vodka and whiskey…) decided they were going to hide for a while and we actually thought that they were going to make us look like loonies – however around 2am things started happening. The NPIG team were made up of 5 people.  One pair went upstairs, one pair into B2 and John took vigil in the cellar. We could hear over the radio system the goings on, the team upstairs had experieced the landing light going on and off, also one of the bedroom door slammed on them. They also had an incident up here with the bathroom door, after it was closed they came back to find it open. The downstairs team heard a deep male voice on their radios, they were standing near a voice recorder at the time so hopefully they will have it recorded on file for evidence.  Whilst Em and I sat in the band room waiting, we heard the upstairs phone ring,  we both remarked who would be calling the home phone at that hour, especially as no one has the number. The phone is rarely used, we just have it as it came with the broadband.  When asking the team later if the had answered the phone they replied that the phone never rang! Very weird, both Em and I heard it plain as day!  Meanwhile, John placed a voice activated recorder down in the cellar. It was down there for 4 hours and when he went to retrieve it at the end of the investigation it had recorded for a time of just over 15minutes. Something triggered it….  Elsewhere, the pool room toilets were quite active with reports of whispers and groans, B2 infra red cameras had captured some shadows. Whilst experiences were small, there was no doubt that we had something going on. They NPIG team started wrapping things up around 5am. It will now be a patient waiting game for a couple of weeks as they analyse all the footage and recorded data for any evidence of our paranormal friends.  Whatever the outscome, it was quite a fun night, even if the hairs stood up on our arms more than once! lol  Watch this space for news of the results!!


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