The one where BRICKFEST 2011 smashed all the records!

Posted: August 31, 2011 in Just another Day...

Well I’m just about feeling human again. To say this last bank holiday weekend has been a tad hectic is a bit of an understatement.  Most of Sunday was spent putting up Marquees, bouncy castles, gazebos, setting up the outside fridges and stages ready for our annual BRICKFEST event.  Always,  24 hours before it starts we have a momentary panic…. what if it rains? what if the bands don’t turn up? what if no-one comes? it’s quite a normal part of the set-up now but as always it was unnecessary. Well almost….  After Karaoke on Saturday night we began to set up both the B2 stage and the Brickies stage, two drum kits, four guitar amps/cabs and two bass amps. Once the equipment was in place I set up all the mics and began cabling to the multicore on stage. It was getting on for 4am by the time I placed the last piece of gaffer. I crawled into my bed for a few measly hours and set my alarm for a short sharp wake up at 9am. I exercised my right to snooze and actually made it up about 9.12am, made coffee and headed out into the garden with the dogs.  I needed to set up the PA outside for the acoustic tent – the only problem was we didn’t as yet have an acoustic tent. So whilst waiting for the tent man to arrive I had more coffee and line checked the Brickies stage, we were running 18 channels to make sure I had enough mics available. All but 1 out of the 18 worked. I quickly changed over the cable, tested it and headed back to the kettle. In the mean time Dillup, the BBQ chef arrived and began setting up the food tent.  I remember checking my watch getting on for 10.30am and still the tent man was nowhere to be seen.  In previous years the acoustic tent had always been set up ready to go before I had even got up… I wasn’t exactly panicking yet but I had a little nervous wave in my belly… Em and Mum arrived and it was all hands to the decks as bars got set up, tombolas were arranged and ready to go, door staff were prepped, and YAY the tent man arrived… It was 11am, only 1 hour to go and we needed to get the outside PA set up, the stage moved and positioned…. oh and here was the first band to play on the main stage.  I heading back in to sound check them when my phone rang… It was Emma Hall, she had called to say she was really poorly and had lost her voice, she was so sorry but there was no way she could play that night. So, our headliner on the main stage was not coming, I shouted Em and we had a major brainstorm, made some manic phone calls and by the grace of the Rock Gods we pulled in two more bands, ‘FAITH’ and ‘TATTOOED COW’, who we can’t thank enough for helping us out at last-minute.  Amway, that was all the hiccups out-of-the-way, 12 noon arrived and the craziness began.  From the moment we opened the door we knew it was going to be busy, but I don’t think any of us expected to be refusing entry by 8pm. Yes we were at capacity before the sun set! and they were queuing to get in.  Considering we had 36 bands over 3 stages all running at separate times, everything ran extremely smoothly without problems.  The whole event was seamless, and perfect in every way for us, we hope you all felt the same and that your BRICKFEST experience was just a brilliant as ours. When Midnight arrived our doors had seen in excess of 1000 people through it, we had raised over £2500 (final total to be confirmed asap) and we had partied all day long. It was totally mad and an amazing day. The atmosphere was electric and there was a real sense of community as everyone stood side by side singing and dancing to raise money for two very worthwhile charities.  The guys from Magdalen Gates Primary had a blast and are dead chuffed with the outcome of the day. Equally as chuffed is Tash and Tyler, to whom the event meant so much.  We would like to thank you ALL from the bottom of our hearts, to those bands that gave up their time and played for free,  to all our friends and customers who came to enjoy the day and ended up pitching in behind the bar, collecting glasses, helping us to set things up, doing the door, the car park, even helping us to clean in the aftermath…. thank you so so much, you are all worth your weight in gold. We would also like to thank our awesome staff team – you all worked your butts off – WE LOVE YOU – You ROCK!!

BRICKFEST 2011 was more successful than we could have ever hoped for, the sun came out, the people came, the bands played, the place rocked! How the hell will we ever make that better? We always strive to make it better the next year but we are going to be seriously hard pushed to better this. But, ideas are hatching and we already have a list of bands waiting to play nest year…. that’s pretty awesome. BRING ON BRICKFEST 2012!

Well, back to the norm now, well for a little while anyway. Time for adverts and quiz creation and erm….more coffee! before I go though, I’ll just enlighten you about this weekend, the fun never stops at The Brickies. This Friday we have one of my personal favs…’The Cleaving Heevages’ returning for a night of risqué naughtiness, and then the Flyman and ‘The Divide’ hit the stage on Saturday with some serious VOODOO rock!  Sunday this week is QUIZ night, if you think you know your music then come and put it to the test. 100 questions involving music, videos, photos and music clips. Get yourself a team of no more than six and show us what you’re made of. You could win some cash! or you could lose big, either way – it’s a whole lot of fun and only a quid to enter… we dare you to come and have a go!!

Right folks, I have more coffee and work to do.  Thanks again for all your love and support. The Brickies wouldn’t work without ya!

Have a great week


PS: Please feel free to comment here…. we would love to hear about your own BRICKFEST experiences, what you thought of the day,  the bands etc… tell us all about it!!


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