The one where we won an award…. and a very nice one too!

Posted: September 21, 2011 in Just another Day...

A couple of months ago we received a letter from ‘The Publican’s Morning Advertiser’, the licensed trade magazine saying that we had won an award for ‘Best Live Music Pub’ and ‘Best Entertainment Pub’ in East Anglia. We were so chuffed to have won this award. There are several good music pubs in the East Anglian region and to be considered one of the best was an honour.  We were invited to the London Hilton Hotel, Park Lane last week for the award ceremony and announcements of the National Winners. We have been lucky enough to win the National award in 2007 and now in 2011 being up against some music pubs of a very high standard we didn’t expect to have a chance. However, we took the opportunity to get our posh frocks out and have a good night out. Mum, Em, Tracey and Myself got dressed up to the nines and hit the Hilton. It’s a very prestigious event with many trade sponsors providing free drinks to sample from Champagne through to real ale. As you can imagine, we took full advantage of the free bar. We then sat down and had a three course meal before our host, comedian and Impressionist –  ‘Rory Bremner’ began to announce the award winners. Our category was announced and we all cheered happily when we saw our faces appear on the screen. When we heard ‘and the winner is….. The Brickmakers’, for what seemed like forever we seemed to stare at each other in complete shock. Seconds later we were all shouting and cheering as we went up onto the stage and were presented with our award from ‘Rory Bremner’. The rest of the night was an even bigger party. More champagne and many phone calls to a very excited pub back home.  After the event, we carefully hung up our frocks, stuck our civvies back on and then headed for home. We finally arrived back home about 3am and we walked straight in to another party. Our wonderful staff team and a handful of dedicated regulars had sat patiently waiting for us to return to celebrate  our win with us. Needless to say we were covered in party poppers, silly string and expected to party until the earlier early hours.  The next few days were full of interviews, newspaper reviews and a lot of buzzing and excitement in the pub.  So what does it actually mean to us?  Well it names ‘The Brickmakers’ as‘The Best Music Pub in the UK’. That in itself is one hell of an achievement, but it means a lot more than that.  The Brickies has always been about the music, its lifeblood is the bands, the customers and staff that make it what it is.  ‘The Brickies’ isn’t just a building – it’s a community, a large group of like-minded people who have a common love of music and sharing it with each other. That is what this award is about, it’s all for you guys as YOU ARE THE BRICKIES!  Together we totally rock!  Needless to say we couldnt’ do it without you all and we are ever grateful for your love and support.  For now, the award is up taking pride of place and we look forward to another busy winter/Christmas period with you all – I know, “shut up Charley”!  My radio kindly reminded me this morning, it’s not actually that far away now – better start saving up some pennies.

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As for this month…. well it’s certainly jam-packed as always, the highlight as always in October is the Halloween weekend.  We don’t seem to require much of an excuse here to get out the fancy dress gear so there is no reason this will be any different.  We will be spookifying the pub for the whole weekend so it looks very ghoulish.We start the party on Friday 28th Oct with ‘TENDAHOOKS’, then get scarier still on Saturday 29th Oct with the awesome ‘OZZIE’ (Ozzy Osbourne Tribute) then for something totally different Sunday 30th Oct sees us entering into our ‘Creepy Karaoke’ phase of ‘Halloween’. You’re guaranteed to hear it all from the ‘Monster Mash’ to ‘Thriller’. We have our regular sessions night on the actual  ‘All Hallows Eve’ (Mon 31st Oct) and we will be showing various spooky movies over the course of the weekend so make sure you get spooky with us! As always, all those that make the effort to dress up with us will be rewarded with a very special Halloween poison!  Nearer the time, we will also be revealing the results of our recent Paranormal Investigation with The NPIG team. (Norfolk Paranormal Investigations Group) we have ghostly tales and recordings to share with you so watch this space on that one!

On a completely different note, most of you will remember our ceiling problems last month – well we had it temporarily patched up whilst we waited for the Brewery, Surveyors and Contractors to decide what they wanted us to do with it. After much discussion we are going to have a new ceiling put in. We are not sure when and how long this will take but we can assure you, it will remain business as usual at ‘The Brickies’, just bear with us while we get it sorted out. Hopefully it wont take too long and we’ll have a nice brand new ceiling.

Don’t forget peeps, it might be getting chilly out but this weekend is hot! We have the awesome ‘Storm Shadow’ here for the first time on Thursday if you fancy a little midweek rock. Then it gets very party orientated on Friday when ‘FIREWIRE’ return to our stage with their own vibrant laser show – Raybans optional! Saturday is pretty cool too this week and a definite must for all you ACDC fans.  ‘WHOLE LOTTA DC’ will be on stage from 9.30pm with a massive set with all the classics from both ACDC eras! A great night of music for just a fiver! 

Righty oooooo, I’ve just finished my newsletter for October, it’s about 2.45am and I should really get my butt to bed, mind you I’ve drunk that much coffee tonight I think sleep might be a little much to ask but what the hell – I’ll give it a damn good go.

Hope to see you all over the weekend!



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