The one where it Twas the day before the night before Christmas and all through the pub not a creature was stirring – not even me….

Posted: December 23, 2011 in Just another Day...
It’s 9.25am the day before Christmas Eve and I’m about to open my brain so brace yourselves folks – anything could happen here….  ((((shake))))) 

I’ve been trying to find 5 minutes to write a Christmas blog for the last couple of weeks but that kinda didn’t happen, things here have been a tad hectic to say the least – I’m not complaining though, I’d rather be hectic than bored.  I don’t know about you guys but I keep waiting to be hit by that Christmassy feeling, It hasn’t happened yet, even after what must be at least 50 plays of ‘Fairytale of New York’ on the Jukebox this week,  two Carol services, one of which I sang in the choir and still all the tinsel in the world and fake snow hasn’t assisted in my Chritmassy mood.  It has definitely crept up on me this year, even though I have actually finished my Christmas shopping for once and I’m not going to find myself rushing around the city on Christmas Eve looking for a forgotten present for a distant relation. I can certainly breathe a bit about that…  Maybe Christmas Eve will be the kick-start of my festive feelings – we have the awesome GLAMTASTICS on, they make you feel good any time of year so I reckon I’m in with a good chance here. Don’t get me wrong – it’s not that I haven’t been trying,  Christmas has always been my favourite time of year right from when I was a kid – I have my amazing family to thank for that one, they always made sure it was a magical time. Just a brief note about Christmas Eve – if you are planning on coming out to spend the evening with us 1: That’s brilliant    2: Book your taxi home now, don’t leave it til the last-minute as experience taught us – you won’t get one!      3: wear a santa hat or something Christmassy ( baubles dangling from ears / tinsel around your person, that sort of thing) anything to help lift the Christmas spirit for the evening (and I’m not talking about the top shelf here!)   4: Make sure you get in Early as it’s going to be mad and last thing you want to do tomorrow is have to queue to get in..  ( see I even went Christmassy colours there for effect!)

Christmas Day here is always good fun, it’s a day where we open just for a couple of hours (12pm – 3pm) and it always surprises us how many of you are out and about, by all means pop in and have a mince pie with us there will be plenty to go around as well as free tunes of a festive nature on the ole jukey.  Me and Mum will be on the bar and hopefully the festive feeling will be right there along with us…  (pausing to make coffee, hang on….AFK)   – right! back now …  Yes Christmas day – we’ll provide the Sausage Rolls, Mince Pies, chocolates, cheesey tunes come along and join us in our Christmasivities!

Boxing Day is the most hilarious night of the year down here at The Brickmakers! why? I hear you cry….. well it’s quite simple really.  POT LUCK KARAOKE – that’s why!!  Yes folks it’s karaoke but with one hell of a difference. We open our doors at 7pm and we kick off at 8pm…everybody gets involved, even me, Mum and all our staff.   You don’t have to be able to sing, but you do need to be game for a laugh!   Write your name down and pull a mystery song out of the hat! you wont know what your song is until you are on stage with that microphone in your hand.  Songs are picked at random and are sealed by the independent adjudicator and is the only one who knows where the money is…. er…hold on wrong game! ( DOH! )  now what was I saying…. (hang on, need coffee….) …. ahhhhhhh better now, ok yes so Pot Luck Karaoke – does what it says on the tin, your song is totally pot luck. Don’t worry though, there are only songs that you will be sure to know, for instance Mum went first last year and got Bohemian Rhapsody which started the night off nicely (well, sort of – in places lol) I think I may have got YMCA at some point.  The main thing is, that it’s a whole lot of fun and a surefire way to either escape the Christmas madness or embrace it wholeheartedly!  We’re all taking part so come down and join in the fun and frolicking, or just come and watch either way there is going to be many laughs!

A random off on a tangent paragraph…. Some of you who have been in over the last couple of weeks may have noticed our new video system, its been four years in the planning and have taken us a while to save up to buy the equipment, luckily I have managed to pick quite a lot of it up second-hand – thank goodness for the internet!  So we now have a four-way video mixing system with which we can broadcast the band throughout the whole venue on our screens, the idea is to be able to enjoy the gig, wherever you may be standing in the pub.  It’s doesn’t end there however, we can now provide bands an instant recording of their gig performance on DVD at the end of the night to take away. It’s a brilliant resource available to bands as getting good quality promo videos done costs a fortune.  The plan was always to help bands promote themselves in the cheapest way possible, we can now provide a stage on which to perform, audio recording, video and photographic production all under one roof.  It’s pretty much all a band needs for self marketing and promotion.   The recordings themselves are surprisingly good quality for analogue cameras (If there is enough demand for it, we will look into going digital at a later date, obviously that is soooo much more expensive to install) I’m still getting to know the equipment and learning as I go, so production techniques will hopefully improve – It obviously poses the question – didn’t I already have enough knobs to fiddle with?? my answer to that is, there can never be too many! however another set of hands would come in handy (lol) what do you reckon Santa?  come on –  pull that one out of yer sack!! heheheh heheheh!!

Right, we have, Open Mic Night (Wed) and  bands on as normal between Christmas and New Year and then obviously on New Years Eve we have our NYE Bash celebrations.  It’s not even Christmas yet and tickets are running into their last 50. We totally expect to be sold out by the time New Year’s Eve arrives so if you were planning to share it with us and haven’t yet got your tickets then please, we urge you to get them asap, so many people left it to the last-minute last year only to be told we were sold out and they had to find somewhere else to party the New Year in!  This year is particularly special as Pure Passion will be saying a sad goodbye to Linzi (their long term singer) who is leaving after her final gig on NYE.  PP always guarantee a good show but this one is destined to be that little bit more rockin! – don’t panic PP fans, after an extensive search to middle earth and beyond they have auditioned 15 prospective Linzis and the band have found a new singer. Her name is Tara and you will all be meeting her in the New Year. Excellent local rockers ‘Black River Falls’ are also on the bill tonight, with an amazing Janis Joplin style vocalist, they are sure to impress! There is no better way than to wave goodbye to 2011 than here with us. So I repeat just once more – get your tickets NOW! or be very dissapointed!

A short note – (lol I AM only 5′ 2″)   Mum, Em and I would like to just say a massive thank you to all our amazing staff who quite frankly work their butts off throughout the year, we appreciate all you do guys, you’re amazing!  Also thanks to our loyal customers, music lovers, suppliers and of course those that are the fuel in the Brickies engine – THE BANDS! It’s all about you guys! and without you Brickies life would be pretty pointless. We wish you all,  an amazing Christmas full of love and laughter and a very promising and Happy New Year, wherever you may celebrate it!

Right, that’s probably enough random ramblings from me, my next blog will be written in 2012 – how strange is that?!?!

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Good Night…. er…. well  have a good day anyway!



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