That’s no Wagon Wheel – that’s an insignificant half mouthfull of non-chocolate tasting chocolate stuff…. Will the real Wagon Wheel please stand up….

Posted: February 13, 2012 in Just another Day...

Yes folks, I know it’s been so long since I blogged and I sincerely apologise to all those of you that like reading my random waffle but I have to get this one out there in the open before I go any further.  One of my lovely regulars brought us in a bag of biscuits and cakes today 🙂 – as I locked up and headed upstairs with my list of Sunday night jobs, I spied something familiar at the bottom of the bag – well it was a replica of something once familiar, I mean it vaguely looked like a ‘Wagon Wheel’ multipacket – it said ‘Wagon Wheel’ on it and naturally I figured they had moved with the times and updated said packaging as the years have passed. I mean seriously, the last time I was lucky enough to have a ‘Wagon Wheel’ is when my mum stuck one in my lunch box at school.  My God they were good, and is it just me or can you guys remember them being massive too?  I can remember one wagon wheel taking up a significant portion of my lunchbox.  Boy! if you got one of those in your box all the cool kids hovered round trying to swap it for their ‘Munch Bunch’ yoghurt… heh heh like I was ever gonna swap my michellen tyre of mallowness for that slop! Anyway long moan short – I was quite excited by my wagon wheel, despite how small it seemed. I put it down to the fact that I had become somewhat larger whilst the ‘Delicious mallow biscuit covered with a chocolate flavoured coating’ had remained the same size. I am however, not convinced.  I made myself a huge mug of tea and sat down in my office to upload and mix the weekend’s photos and videos.  I carefully unwrapped my ‘Wagon Wheel’ to discover it was actually not even a bicycle tyre. It was thin, not overly mallowy and the cardboard biscuit thingy was covered in a coating that promised to be chocolatey but to be honest my dogs chocolate bones are more appetising.  I cannot describe the disappointment I felt – It’s almost like finding out that curly wurlies aren’t actually curly and you really can’t eat two Aeros instead of one because of all the air in them make them less fattening!  Ok, I know I’m blowing it a little out of proportion here but for goodness sakes – I actually dumped the ‘imposter’ and dunked a bourbon biscuit in my tea! Bourbons never pretend to be anything else.  For once, even Tilly (my dog) didn’t seem too interested in begging for said ‘Wagon Wheel’ – I guess that says it all!

Anyway – enough said. It’s been five weeks since Christmas and doesn’t it seem so far away now?  Time gets stuck here and before you know it it’s the next day, next week, next month and oh my word we’ve been here nine years in April. How did that happen!? I only blinked and sat down for a cuppa. Well,in the last month or so I have been fiddling about with video cameras. We managed to install four video cameras at various positions in the band room. If you’ve been in you would have seen it. All videos run into a vision mixer and then it is displayed on the big screen and two other screens throughout the venue.  It means wherever you stand you will be able to watch the band.  The double whammy for bands is that we have the facility to record whatever we mix and can them provide them with a DVD of their gig at the end.  If you head over to our youtube channel you can watch some snippets that we have recorded over the last couple of weeks.  I’m still learning as I go with the system, it’s taken a little while to master getting the right audio levels out of the desk, it’s almost like you have to mix the live sound and the output levels to the hard disk recorder all the same time, as well as fading the video channels. I could do with a few more pairs of hands lol.  We’re getting there now though.  The idea for this came from me approaching a video production company just before Christmas about recording my own band. I was quoted almost £1000 plus vat. We thought that was crazy, how are bands ever going to be able to promote themselves when everything being so expensive? Anyway, we bought the equipment and figured that if we charged bands a minimal fee of £50, it covers our equipment costs and they could walk away with a half decent DVD for a tenner each.  Already bands have been jumping at the chance to have a recording of their gigs.  It’s also a great way for us to promote what’s coming up – it gives you all a chance to see and hear what a band is like before deciding what to do with your weekend…   Our open mic nights are slightly different. All performers play for free so we give them a DVD of their set for free too. It is a great resource for all musicians to use to promote themselves and try out new material, work on their performance.  I recorded my New Years Eve gig, it was one of the first we did and I personally have found it very useful to watch, we are all our own worst critics lol.  Next gig – maybe not so much brandy heh heh.

Speaking of gigs… this week we’ve got some brilliant stuff happening.  Melodic trio ‘Zoom Club’ are here on Thursday, and then one of my favs ‘POUT AT THE DEVIL’ bring us some 80’s glam on Friday night.  Saturday night is very exciting for me as I get to play, this will be ‘PURE PASSION’s first gig with their new singer so it’s all very exciting. We are expecting to be extremely busy so make sure you are in early if you’re coming!

Right folks, I still have to update the website so I had better get a shift on as I’m getting a little sleepy now… well it is 4.26am – I reckon that’s pretty normal.

Goodnight people and don’t forget to watch out for Wagon Wheel imposters….they may be lurking somewhere near you!


  1. Sounds good yo me Charlie

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