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We made it!!!

Posted: April 12, 2017 in Uncategorized

Yes we did, through the debris of general elections and Brexit we have emerged into 2017 with this awesome vessel we know as The Brickmakers!!  This Saturday – Mum, Emma and I celebrate our 14 years at the helm of this amazing musical institution.  We have all took turns in driving but in all reality, it is The Brickmakers itself and the people who love it that really drive the machine. It pushes us all the time to strive to be better, to provide more entertainment, to help more bands along their journey and to be a safe and relaxed environment in which to come and enjoy the best in local music.  All three of us feel privileged to have made it this far, running a pub in this day and age isn’t easy, overheads are reaching crazy heights, beer prices are always increasing and supermarkets don’t help pubs by selling alcohol at silly prices.  Yet, we are still here floating on this sea of craziness!!  We are fully aware that it is you guys, our customers and our huge rosta of loyal bands that have brought us along this far. We cannot express how grateful we are to you for being with us along the way, your love and support is precious to us and we promise to continue into the next however many years in the only way we know how.  With a vision to support and promote local music, providing a platform for our young musicians to grow and develop their talents and of course to keep bringing you the best local music across both of our stages.

Heading into our 15th year we bring you a night of celebrations this coming Saturday. Come down and join us for our annual surprise birthday party.  I know, I know it’s not a surprise because now we all know its happening (hahahaha) BUT….only Mum, Emma and I know who is going to be playing, not even our staff know so you’re not allowed to kidnap and torture them!!!  All you need to know is that you will need to get here by 9pm, we get packed out every year for this and if you’re not in early you will have to queue out in the cold so don’t faff about, get your glad rags on and come and have a birthday drink with us.  We can guarantee that this is one party you will not want to miss – It’s going to seriously ROCK!!!

Easter Sunday we have our regular appearance from the Lee Vasey Big Band at 12.30pm and then karaoke madness from 8.30pm.  Then after midnight it’s going to be all hands on deck behind the scenes to get stuff ready for our first Bank Holiday Bash of the year –

Easter Monday – ROCK THE RIBBON – 12noon – 12 midnight
After 14 years of bank holiday bashes we are a well oiled machine when it comes to organising them.  Emma bears the brunt of the work when it comes to booking all the bands, and she starts the planning of our charity bashes almost a year in advance, especially BRICKFEST.  We ask a lot of our bands, we know this, but every year they come back and play for us for free (and a couple of beers), we are so lucky and ever grateful for their support on a day when they could all be down the beach with their families. You are all amazing, lovely people!  Mum and our fab staff team spend ages gathering prizes from local companies for our gigantic tombola – we have an Amazon Fire up for grabs in our tombola on Monday so it’s definitely worth spending your quid on.  Then of course we have the music, ten fabulous acts starting at 12pm.  I get to kickstart this one off as Myself and Caz (Pure Passion’s first singer) play a impromptu acoustic set.  It is almost 24years since Caz and I sang together as a duo so we’re going to relive the past for half an hour and see what happens!  We also have Blind Tiger / The Collective / The Glamtastics / Enigma / Beautiful Dangerous / Lithium/ Super Action Heroes and Pure Passion taking to the stage to help us to raise some serious cash for Breast Cancer Research!   So, come on down Monday for some great music, a few beers and a burger.  There will be plenty for the kids to do too – facepainting and a bouncy castle to keep them entertained.  it’s only £2 to get in and all under 12’s get in for FREE!!!  All we ask is that if you have anything PINK – WEAR IT!!!!

So we are looking forward to celebrating our 14th birthday with you all and look forward to our 15th year with excitement and anticipation of whats to come.  Whatever the future brings we can guarantee it will certainly be musical!

Thanks again to you all for joining us for the ride – now buckle up, ere’ we go again!!!

Love Charley (Pam & Em too)


Tis The Season to be rockin’

Posted: December 22, 2016 in Uncategorized

Well, here it is folks just four more sleeps until the big red fellow drops down ya chimney with a shed load of presents for you all.  So, are you ready?  If you’re anything like me, Christmas has snuck up behind you and whacked you in the head with a giant snowball of ‘I need to do this….oh and this and shit! I need to go shopping!’.  With so many friends and family with birthdays in December too, it’s a very expensive month.  I’ll be heading off to Tesco about 3am to avoid the crowds of panic shoppers, there is a bright side to being nocturnal after all!

Reflecting back on 2016 we have had a truly awesome year.  This fine city is spilling over with talented musicians and bands,  just walking through the city proves this time and time again. Our city’s buskers are some of the finest I have heard. It’s not until you spend time in other cities that you feel privileged to be part of such a vibrant music scene. It’s one that welcomes everyone with open arms, no restrictions, all genres are catered for and the support network in itself becomes an extended family. That’s what music it all about, bringing people together. It’s heartwarming to see it thriving in our glorious Norwich. How lucky are we???

We have seen this year, in excess of 1300 acts over our two stages. An eclectic mix of genre and ages. It’s a huge amount of talent and yet, it’s only the tip of Norwich’s musical iceberg.  With such great venues out there now the whole scene is buzzing and we are proud to be a part of something so magical.  Please keep going to gigs guys – don’t sit at home watching a streamed gig online that looks awesome – it will never be as awesome as it is if you’re in that venue immersed in the sound and the feeling. Without you guys in venues, there is no scene. It is really that simple.  Keep it real, and keep it live.   Saying that, we are so very lucky to see so many awesome bands week after week and to have such lovely customers who come out sometimes on bloody awful rainy nights to dance, sing and party to these bands.  Thank you all for your support throughout the year, as always, it’s the bands and you guys that make The Brickies what it is.

Ok, so what’s in store for next year we hear you ask.  Well obviously more of the same, we are booked up for the whole year already with all your favourite local bands. However we have a few new bands stepping up to weekend slots and a couple of brand new tributes for you. I will also be doing a second quiz night by request from you quizsters out there.  It will be totally different from our Sunday music quiz as for a start, It’s a general knowledge quiz! There are some interesting prizes in store for the winning team with the chance to gamble for more – sounds good???.  The first one will be in February so keep an eye out on social media for more information.   We got plenty in store for 2017 and look forward to sharing it all with you.

It’s Wednesday night and we’ve just seen some fantastic musicians on stage for our Acoustic Open Mic night. I enjoy most nights here at The Brickies but Wednesdays are always full of anticipation as you never know what or who you’re going to hear. Tonight we had a talented pianist in playing the baby grand which was a treat. She was tuned last week too by the lovely Glen Butcher (Thanks Glen – great job!), if any of you need a good piano tuner I can certainly recommend him, he cares for both my pianos here and at home.  It was nice to hear it played so well.  Now the juke box is blasting out a really early Def Leppard tune as Josh and I prepare for a late night Line Cleaning session ready for the Christmas weekend.  Then once that is done I’ll be off to Tesco so if any of you lot are having trouble sleeping feel free to come and push my trolly round the supermarket! lol.

Just to recap the Christmas schedule in case you didn’t know…. Christmas Eve we are going to be dancing with ‘Nightlife’ who will be presenting their new singer and guitarist. We expect plenty of Christmas cheer and lots of jingling bells.  On Christmas Day, Mum, Emma and I will be here from 12pm for those of you that fancy a festive pint or two while the turkey is doing it’s thing in the oven.  We’re open til 3pm when we head home for some much needed family time.  We reopen on Boxing Day from 7pm and plan a night of crazy Pot-Luck Karaoke.  By now you should all know what that means – You put your name down and by random choice we pick the song.  It’s fun, especially after a few beers! We are then open as normal from then on.  New Years Eve – the big bash with Pure Passion & Enigma.  If you haven’t got a ticket yet you had better get a move on as there is NO DOOR ADMISSION on the night.  Tickets are £7.50 each and now are only available from the pub. If you need to book a taxi to get home that night, make sure you do it in advance. Music finishes at 1am and we kick out at 2am so book it somewhere in-between then.  From experience, trying to get a cab last minute on NYE is a nightmare. New Years Day is on Sunday and we are open as normal from 12pm for our usual Lee Vasey Band session.   The festive season is pretty jam packed, we hope to see you all at some point to raise a glass!

Right, I’m going to shut up waffling now and go and do some ‘real’ work.  We wish you all the most Happy Christmas and a lovely shiny Happy New Year.

Much love

Charley xx  (Em & Pam)xx



Calm before the storm….

Posted: August 27, 2016 in Uncategorized

Oh yes in so many ways. As I sit here writing this I can feel the storm in the air outside, it’s been threatening for a few hours now but it’s not broken as yet.  I only hope it isn’t building to unleash a torrent of rainfall on Monday.  Let’s get this over with tonight and tomorrow so we can bask in glorious Bank Holiday Sunshine on Monday.  God knows we are due it.  It’s rained for the last four Brickfests – surely we are owed a little sun by now!!

Well, it’s been a busy few weeks here at The Brickies.  At the beginning of the month we shut down the B2 venue to spend a couple of weeks repainting and sprucing up.  Mum, Em and I along with our lovely staff and friends have all been in above and beyond the call of duty and friendship to help us and we are so grateful to them all.  The venue itself is looking stunning, with a new Black and Grey look, new stage electrics, carpeted stage area and general DIY bits that needed doing but won’t be visible to our customers, we are very pleased with what we managed to do in a short 14 days.  We hope you like it too 🙂

Brickfest is a couple of days away and we are just about ready.  We have however had a bit of a holdup on the t-shirts and bags. We went to pick them up today only to discover that Norwich Screen Art do not open on Saturdays.  Despite attempts to call, email and contact via Facebook we can’t seem to get hold of Jo or his staff.  So if any of you know Jo Edye from Norwich Screen Art please would you beg on our behalf to let us come and collect our merch any time between now and 12pm on Monday.  Don’t worry if you have pre-ordered your anniversary merch guys, you will get it I promise, it just might not be on Monday. 😦

So that small hiccup aside, we are ready to hit you all with the biggest and besets brickfest yet.  All our staff have their circus costumes ready, feel free to join us… although if any of you come as clowns we may witness Tash running screaming from the pub up the road lol. Our resident face painter K-lee will be on site to give you a hand if you want to get made up in crazy circus fashion.  With 38 awesome bands all biting at the bit to play their part, we are all set for an awesome day – all we need now is you guys. Don’t forget, we start at 12pm and finish at 12 midnight. It is just a tiny £2 entry all day long but if you leave the venue, you will have to queue to get back in (due to fire regs)  so plan to stay with us all day if you can.  Kids under 12 years old get in free!  Don’t worry about food, we got that covered too – there is a BBQ tent in the garden providing burgers and rolls to keep you sated as well as an outside bar to stop you having to come in for drinks if you plan to sunbathe all day. Don’t forget to bring your shades, sunhats, sun cream etc just in case.

ok, I think thats about it.  This is our tenth year and we sincerely thank you all for sticking with us and making the Brickies so much more than a pub, we are a community full of lovely people, talented musicians, great bands and lots of love – we are so very lucky!  I will catch up with you all next week when we emerge from the other side of BRICKFEST 2016.

Happy Bank Holiday everyone!!!


Charley, Pam, Em and all of the Brickies family  xxxx

Yeah, I can’t sleep…my brain won’t switch off thinking so I figured I’d waffle on in a blog post for a while to try and get it out there.  You know how it is, I’m always buzzing a bit when I get home from a shift, especially a feel good shift where everything just clicked. the band tonight were awesome – Renegade 12, if you haven’t seen them then make a note to catch them the next time they’re here (March 10th).  They seem to have infinite energy, it’s rare these days to see bands with such passion and enthusiasm and it’s so unforced, they generally just love it.  They work hard on stage and equally as hard off stage to build their fan base who faithfully travel over 40 miles to watch them here on our stage, it’s testament to the bands’ determination and talent. Obviously not forgetting Carly, their very hard working manager behind the scenes, keeping the boys in check.  These guys are definitely a band to watch.  So, yes it’s been another fab night at The Brickies, we are so very lucky to be able to say that several times a week, even now nearly 13years in.   

Christmas and New year were awesome in equal measure, it’s strange to even mention it, it feels so long ago when in reality it was like just five weeks back, and here I am planning the next newsletter with mention of Easter already.  It’s really early this year, end of March so we are already planning our first Bank Holiday Bash of the year. It feels wrong and way too early but it’s there and there is nothing we can do about it but embrace it.  So the bands are booked and the poster is designed, and newsletter is nearly there.  Talking of the newsletters, it seems that generally the new design has been well received, it’s still a bit of a work in progress but it has had good feedback so far. Of course get in touch and feel free to give us some feedback on it, it’s good to know what you all think.  March’s edition will be featuring an interview with Floating Greyhounds Drummer and local legend ‘Butty’ so that will definitely be worth a read and quite funny too I reckon.

Local promoter ‘Power Promotions’ have started a new acoustic night on the first Tuesday of the month, (Not another acoustic night I hear you cry…) but wait… This is different, like TOTALLY different. This is acoustic Metal in all it’s glory.  Imagine your favourite metal tracks played in a chilled out acoustic manner… Ok, maybe not so chilled but definitely acoustic and like nothing you’ve ever seen or heard before.  If you play, sing, growl or scream then get down here and have a go… It has to be metal, and it has to be acoustic.  

Obviously our regular acoustic Wednesday Open Mic nights carry on as normal. they have been so busy of late and it’s great to meet new performers all the time. Not just locals either, some performers have travelled from Suffolk and even as far as Cambridge some weeks.  Every Wednesday brings new surprises, although not everyone understands the workings of an open mic night.  In fact I have been thinking about producing a little tent card to put on the tables for Wednesday’s. A little tent card just outlining the unwritten rules of the open mic night.  I don’t know about any of you other performers out there but imagine this, you get up with your guitar to sing three songs that you have sweated your blood and tears into writing, I mean your’re bearing your soul up there for the whole world to see and while you’re trying to find that moment, your flow, all you can hear is the group of guys that have sat down in front of you, are intent in talking and laughing louder than you (even though you’re plugged into a 6k PA system) and pretend like you’re not there. What annoys me more is when other performers who are waiting to go on, or have been on already that then go and do exactly the same thing.  For the open mic performer there is no bigger insult than people talking over you, laughing and shouting over you when you are trying to sing, it’s rude and unnecessary,  in fact I have told people before who have been excessively noisy to go and sit in the pool room as they clearly didn’t come in to listen to the music.   I don’t mean to come across rude myself but I have been that person, that performer, I know how shitty it feels.  it’s kinda different if it’s a band on or a booked performance but open mic is different, if you come to watch open mic, you watch it, chat if you must but do so quietly with respect for the performers. If you need to chat loudly or have a roaring giggle with your mates, that’s totally cool but head to the bar area or the pool room, I do realise after all,  that we are a pub but we can cater for all.  It’s not a lot to ask, it’s just general etiquette for an open mic night. Haha I sound like a right moaning old bag there… Don’t mean to, but there it is.

Well it’s nearly 3am and I supposed I should have another go at a kip. I’m a lucky girl really,  I love my job, I get to watch live music all week long and I also get to play. This Saturday (tomorrow) is one such night.  Pure Passion will be on around 10pm – 12midnight but before then we have the brilliant Lucy Grubb – who is now 18 and has been playing on our stage since she was 14,  (same as me). It will be lovely to finally share a beer or two with her. She is a talented songwriter with a promising future. she will be on about 8.30pm so please come early enough to check her out.  After that we have new rock covers band on the scene ‘Rock Garden’ warming you up nicely for us. It’s going to be awesome and I can’t wait to blow away some cobwebs, the old fingers aren’t so fast any more lol. 

Oh before I forget, if any of you like quizzes, Sunday night will be just up your street. We are joining over 1800 other pubs across the UK in a Guinness World Record attempt for the biggest pub quiz ever.  it starts at 7pm, it’s £2 to enter and you can have a team of up to 8 people.  it’s general knowledge, 6 category rounds of 10 questions.  The winners get a cash prize and we will be raising money for Sprowston Youth Project. straight after that we will be doing our monthly music quiz too so it will be a marathon night for all quiz fans…  Come and join the fun! 

I could run on forever but at the risk of boring you all I will say goodnight and see you all down the front soon.

Keep going to gigs guys, and not just ours, Our fine city has some awesome venues and you guys keep the blood pumping in the veins of the Norwich Music Scene… We can’t thank you enough 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎸🎸🎸🎸💥 xx



No Stopping Santa….

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ARGGGGGHHHHHHH!  I’ve just sat down to update the website and realised it’s December on Tuesday. To say I’m having a mild panic is an understatement.  I should be prepared and I’ll be honest Im further ahead than I normally am at this time of year but I had this awesome Idea of revamping our Brickies monthly newsletter and suddenly realised I have two weeks in which to finish it.  I got myself all very ahead, the adverts and Decembers newsletter all done and ready to go to print but I think I sat on my laurels and dreamed for a week, and here I am with my old buddy panic sharing a last cuppa and half a crunchy that was left on the desk (Sorry Em, that was me if you’re wondering – I ate it!)

So yes,  we/I have decided to give our newsletter a bit of a facelift, it will still bring you the gigs for the month for both The Brickies and B2 but there will be a few small changes, mainly a feature that shows us talking to some of our local bands and giving you some interesting interviews with local musicians and artistes who you may have been watching for years but know nothing about. We thought it may be nice to give you all a little insight to the people behind the music on our stages. Hopefully along with a refreshing new design it will bring the trust newsletter a little more up to date. That is if I pull my socks up and get it sorted… Watch this space in January… (I hope)

Christmas…  The C Word!  I meet equal amounts of people in the pub that love or hate it. Despite your feelings towards it, it is still on it’s way and there is nothing we can do to stop it.  The city is packed full of crazy shoppers by the day and we are just about ready for the festive month.  Mum was hanging off the roof on Saturday with her yearly olympic gold winning acrobatics of hanging the Christmas lights.  This week we will decorate the inside of the pub and put a tree up. The 100 best Christmas songs are loaded into the jukebox and we have the Christmas Carol Concert planned for a couple of weeks.  Yes!! I really did say that…. How many of you actually know that we have a year Christmas Carol Concert? (At Christmas of course)  This year it is on Sunday 13th December at 5pm. Its all FREE ENTRY, we have Carol Singing, Mince Pies, Mulled Wine, Performances from The Notations, Sprowston Teen Cafe, PP3 and hopefully Norwich Signing Choir will be here to give us a special Christmas performance. Together with Rev Simon Stokes and his Guide Dog ‘Hope’ we plan to make it a very memorable afternoon.  It lasts about an hour and a half and is a great way to shake off the chills and celebrate what Christmas means to us all, Bringing together a community in Music and laughter with a warm fuzziness that is generated from the Mulled Wine.  Come and join us from 5pm, the last three years have been so busy we  genuinely couldn’t fit any more so make sure you get here early.
As far as Christmas is concerned, it’s going to be pretty busy here, we have the awesome ‘NIGHTLIFE’ here on Christmas Eve and then Mum and I will be opening up on Christmas Day for all those of you that would like to come and share a festive tipple with us. We are open from 12pm – 3pm, just enough time for the turkey to crisp up.   We will then close for a festive snooze until Boxing Day when we re-open at 7pm for a night of Rock to blow away the snow filled cobwebs. UPRISING will be on stage from 9pm.  On Sunday 27th we get a tad ridiculous with Pot Luck Karaoke. It is exactly that, you don’t know what you’re singing until you’re about to sing it. Its a lot of fun and makes a lot of giggles.  New Years Eve tickets are shifting fast now so if you want to see the New Year in with us here at The Brickies, don’t delay. Get your ticket now from the bar.  We have PURE PASSION and ULTRAEGO – two awesome bands to see us into 2016!

Well talking about it more has totally made me realise I need to get a move on and shut up chatting, especially as The Lee Vasey Band has just started and I am supposed to be on the sound desk around….errrr….now.

Happy Advent folks and see ya soon!!

Much love

Charley x

No excuses!!

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Yes, there are no excuses Im afraid.  It’s been so long since I wrote anything on here I figured I should pull my finger out and touch base with you all.  Its been a crazy, manic last year or so and somewhat hard for us all too.  Personally we’ve suffered several family losses in a very short time, pulling yourself together while trying to run a business can be difficult. I think that’s probably why I stayed away from blogging to be totally honest. When I write, it feels as if I am chatting and that gives a certain amount of me to you all. I think that while we were all feeling so much grief I didn’t really want to spill that over to my blog, it wouldn’t have been a pretty sight and quite frankly not what you all want to be reading.  We love what we do here at The Brickmakers, Both Mum, Em and I work hard to keep this lovely venue treading water in a very difficult sea however, things are good, the bands are exceptional as always and our lovely customers (that’s you lot)  keep coming in and supporting our thriving music scene which is the most important thing. It seems we are busier than ever these days and there’s no time to sit back and rest on our laurels…  this isn’t a trade in which we can afford to get complacent.  Its hard to keep up with other venues, many of which are backed by corporate or government funding, arts council funding etc. These venues can afford to install state of the art equipment, the sort of stuff we can only dream of.  However, we have ploughed every penny we have made back in to The Brickies and B2 over the last three years to finally move into the digital age, both rooms are now running Allen & Heath digital mixing consoles, just this month we have installed a new processor and re-coned all the front Speakers and Subs so we are now firing on all cylinders with a few mods.  the system is looking happy and sounding sweet and almost just in time for this years BRICKFEST!

Mum, Em and I make the perfect team when it comes to aspirations for the future of The Brickies.  We may have been here 12 years but there is always something happening on our dream train.  I am the one that seems to dream up crazy dreams, Mum is the one that usually says the hard stuff, like the reasons why we can’t, Em is the mediator in the middle that finds a way that we can.  This is how B2 got built,   BRICKFEST was born and we refurbished the main bar area.  We have lots of dreams and ideas for the future,  our main problem is deciding which on to do next, you’ll have to watch this space for that one lol.

Anyway, Im not going to ramble on too much, i’m just waving hello here and apologising for my lack of presence.  I’ll endeavor to maintain a much better blogging relationship with you all now.

Have an awesome week, hopefully we’ll see you down here this weekend – we’ve got some great stuff happening.

Much love

Charley x

well….?  It certainly looks like that! lol. Let me rewind a little bit and explain – be prepared – I am very sleepy right now so I take no responsibiliy for awfal speling! heh heh 

Please right click here and open this in a new tab before reading on…..  Brickies ceiling theme tune   Be patient – it’s worth it!

Right, you may or may not know, a couple of weeks ago after a mad, busy Saturday night safely tucked up dreaming a blissful sleep only to be awoken more like shocked awake by a massive crash downstairs followed by the nastiness that is my burglar alarm. I have an external sounder in my flat so believe me, when that bugger goes off so does my heart.  After going through all the normal checks one does when ones burglar alarm goes off, you know – running around panicking, half asleep in pj’s, dogs going mental etc, we calmly checked the 26 cameras that surround the inside and outside of the building. When we got to the cameras in the band room all we could see was a mass of dusty white clouds.  Obviously the ceiling plaster had collapsed and we were watching the aftermath.  We came down and had a look. God what a mess – the plaster moulding on all ceiling above the sound-desk area had completely collapsed.  The plaster was seriously old so it wasn’t puny stuff, it was about 2.5 inches thick and heavy as hell.  As it fell it look the wall lights with it and glass was shattered across the length of the dance floor.  We cleared up what we could and grabbed a couple of hours kip.  The next morning was a muddle of cleaning, trying to find staff to come and cover so we could continue cleaning and then as it was Sunday, moving the Lee Vasey Band into B2, and shutting off the Brickmakers Band room area.  We just had to muddle through that day, and it went surprisingly well.  There wasn’t anything we could do about the roof until Monday.  So Monday came and with it a whole heap of problems trying to find someone to come and fix the roof.  It was a nightmare, as it was the end of the summer holidays all the major building contractors were finishing off their contracts in the schools and every phone call was the same, no-one was available until the school term resumed.  Luckily, thanks to our insurance broker, we managed to get a building contractor in just to provide a temporary repair, it wasn’t ideal but it was good enough and more importantly safe enough for us to then open up the band room again.  However, it wasn’t quite that simple. The plaster dust had covered all our PA amps and equipment and the cooling systems. We had to open each one up and clean it out with a Hoover, which was easier said than done – they don’t seem to make these things Dyson compatible… anyway it took Em and I the best part of the day to clean the amps and get the system up and running in a suitable condition to run the room. Luckily the sound desk had been covered up and put to bed the night before so the plaster didn’t reach the vital parts of it –  so thank you Clive for saving the desk!!  So that all sorted we were back in business and the bands were happy.


We werent feeling very sure though, what was to stop the rest of the ceiling falling? Now it had happened we were worried, we count our lucky stars that it happened overnight and nobody was hurt. We didn’t want to take any more chances so we contacted our Pub Co and made plans to get the rest of the ceiling fixed.  Again – nothing is ever simple is it?  They couldn’t ‘just fix’ the ceiling as on the other side of one part of it sat a whole load of nasty Asbestos, it wouldn’t have been safe to pull the other bit down. So after several meetings with our Pub Co and builders and Asbestos experts we all agreed that we needed to go the whole hog. Pull down the existing ceiling, dispose of the Asbestos and install a brand new ceiling. In theory it sounded smooth and perfect. In practice – we have had to shut the band room off whilst they carry out said works. Obviously when dealing with Asbestos we don’t want to take any chances so we have the proper guys in doing it, the HSE have been notified and all the regulations are being adhered to. We have decontamination units on site,  more safe-suits than you can shake a stick at and I’m sure we have a small family of Extra-Terrestrials hidden in the back behind all that polythene insisting that while they work they must remember to ‘beeeee gooooood!’   In all seriousness though, there wasn’t really any way around it, the room had to be shut and we needed to shift things about a bit.

These days no business can afford to shut its doors for a couple of weeks whilst such work is undertaken. We are lucky in the sense that we have B2, however it meant we had to reschedule many gigs for bands booked into B2 for the next couple of weeks. I have to say though,  all of them have been extremely gracious and very helpful. With their understanding we have been able to move all of our gigs from the Brickmakers stage into the B2 venue for the next two weeks. The Wednesday acoustic nights will continue in the main bar area and where possible we will be also having some extra acoustic acts in the main bar area.  We want to maintain our musical offerings to you as much as we can and we endeavour to keep disruption to a minimum. Were doing ok so far, it’s a little weird but we’ll get through it and let’s face it – it’s only another two weeks and normal service will be resumed and we will all be rocking under a brand spanking new ceiling. Awesome!!   As always, thank you all for your kind support and understanding at this time, not long now folks 🙂  

WARNING!!!!!  If you see me looking a little frayed at the edges / red in the face / looking snotty and grumpy / standing in the corner crying…   – please forgive me and just ignore me!  I’ve been up at the crack of dawn with the builders every day since they started and by the end of the next two weeks I’m likely to fall off my conscious platform…  just prod me awake as you pass or wave a large coffee under my nose!  Early mornings are great combined with early nights. We all know that isn’t an option in this job…. so I apologise now for sleep related Charleyisms!

And on that note…. I’m gonna shut up and try to get into bed before 2am, I have to be up at 8am to let the lads in again.  Check out the photos – there’s more to come.

Thanks again peeps…


PS: The new newsletter is online if you fancy reading it and planning your weekend!