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Posted: August 25, 2012 in Just another Day...

Oh my…. I need a definite slap on the wrist – can’t believe how long it was since my last blog. So sorry to all those of you that enjoy my random musings over a cuppa and the odd custard cream.  I get so carried away with the daily routine, I blinked in April and woke up in August! how does that happen?  Well I guess the good thing about it is that I have plenty to say lol, a lot has happened in the last four months or so…  I’ll give you a couple of mins to go and put the kettle on – go on off ya go……..I like milk and no sugar thanks 🙂

Well since I last wrote we’ve had two massive, and successful I hasten to add charity events. Firstly the Easter Bash, which helped to raise £1788.16 for Breast Cancer Research, us girlies also got our running shoes on and did the ‘Race For Life’ too which bumped it way up to well over £2000. Then we had our Jubilee Bash in June where we raised £1744.14  for the East Anglian Air Ambulance.  July saw everyone in the pub taking part in our version of ‘BRICKMAKERS PUB OLYMPICS’ which turned out to be the most hilarious and fun event of the year to date.  It was a Sunday afternoon and we had only the best pub athletes completing.  Events with a happy crazy twist included pole vaulting, shot putting and arm wrestling to name a handful. Check out the PUB OLYMPICS videos on youtube  for a real giggle.  It really was brilliant and people are still talking about it even now.  Contenders are already signing up for the Brickmakers Winter Olympics – although we may have to do one hell of a risk assessment for that one!!

So, today I have spent all day trying to finish off designing the newsletter for September, I should have had it finished by Monday – yes last Monday! i missed my deadline and through one thing and another got so behind that I was going forward.  Anyway happy me at 7pm this evening when I handed Em the finished copy to proof read before I send it off to the printers.  As I was mid mix on the desk she walked up to me with some bad news.  I had only created a whole newsletter using the listings for September last year…. As you can imagine I had a massive internal swearing session, I was already late enough going to print and now I was going to be even later. Needless to say I am much calmer now as I have actually just finished the rewrite – it’s heading on for 4am now but at least when I finally get to bed, I will actually be able to put it out of my mind….well until the next issue is due anyway lol.

I had a fun night tonight, mixing one of my favorite bands – ‘The Cleaving Heevages‘ if you haven’t seen them yet then you really should. Three guys and three gals that do things to songs that should require a licence lol. They never fail to put a smile on my face, I urge you to go and check them out,  the woman plays a teapot for goodness sakes!!!  really she does…. and the other one…. well I can’t bring myself to type it…. you will have to get down here and see for yourself when they are next here…..I did record the gig so I will be uploading some Heevage clips shortly – watch this space on that one!!!

YIPPPPPPIEEEEEE –  two more days until the big one!!!! Yes you know what I’m talking about BRICKFEST 2012 is nearly here…. we’ve got some awesome support this year, our wonderful County Council are behind us with their Hugger Campaign and will be here on the day offering training advice to Motorcyclists. We also have brilliant backing from Aspalls, Jack Daniels and our Acoustic Tent is being totally Jagermeistered this year.  We are almost ready, the Tent is up, the outside bar is ready to rock and the bands are all rearing to go. Every year we get that little panicky feeling, will anyone come???? it sits there in our tummy’s until about 3pm in the afternoon when finally we realise that yes of course people will come.  It’s never something we want to take for granted. We are always very grateful for your support and attendance on these days.  This cause is such a good one too.  The youth of Sprowston are going to benefit from a weekly drop in centre based in the annex of St Cuthberts Church, Wroxham Road.  We want to the help of the Youth Engagement Program equip the group with recreational supplies and hopefully if we can raise enough we can help fund the wages of a trained Youth Worker to be on site to help young people with advice and support, we all know that that teenage years can be quite confusing at times and with your help, this vital local resource may benefit our local young people during their own journeys.  BRICKFEST 2012 kicks off on Monday 27th August at 12 noon and we have 36 bands on the line up for you – check out the schedule here – we also have a Giant Inflatable Slide, Bouncy Castle and Face Painting for the kids.  Our Squares board is very exciting this time, we have an IPAD 3 (32Gig) up for grabs. It’s just £2 for a square and once they are all sold we will be drawing it. So watch out for Brickies staff wandering around selling the squares – you never know, you might spend £2 and win an IPAD worth nearly £500!  So, loads to do, see, play with and dance to!  Oh and if you are feeling in the mood for it we are all dressing up in true Brickies tradition. Our theme for this one is HIPPIES / FLOWER POWER. So go and get creative with your platforms and we’ll see you there!!!

Before I go, need to just tell you about tonight…. Prog rock band ‘RISE’ take the stage tonight with their 10th anniversary gig and to celebrate 10 years on the local music scene  they will be releasing their eponymous (self-titled) CD which consists of five, studio-recorded tracks:

Turn it on Again (Genesis), Perfect Strangers (Deep Purple), Don’t Lie to Me (David Coverdale), Closer to the Heart (Rush) and Feeling Good (Muse).   All tracks will be performed live on the night and the CD’s will be available to purchase!!  They are an awesome band and I bet the CD is going to be awesome too. Hope to see you here!!

Oh my it’s late, I’m well and truly done and dusted. Have a great weekend people – see you on Monday if not before!

Rock’ on and sweet dreams :o)


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