Calm before the storm….

Posted: August 27, 2016 in Uncategorized

Oh yes in so many ways. As I sit here writing this I can feel the storm in the air outside, it’s been threatening for a few hours now but it’s not broken as yet.  I only hope it isn’t building to unleash a torrent of rainfall on Monday.  Let’s get this over with tonight and tomorrow so we can bask in glorious Bank Holiday Sunshine on Monday.  God knows we are due it.  It’s rained for the last four Brickfests – surely we are owed a little sun by now!!

Well, it’s been a busy few weeks here at The Brickies.  At the beginning of the month we shut down the B2 venue to spend a couple of weeks repainting and sprucing up.  Mum, Em and I along with our lovely staff and friends have all been in above and beyond the call of duty and friendship to help us and we are so grateful to them all.  The venue itself is looking stunning, with a new Black and Grey look, new stage electrics, carpeted stage area and general DIY bits that needed doing but won’t be visible to our customers, we are very pleased with what we managed to do in a short 14 days.  We hope you like it too 🙂

Brickfest is a couple of days away and we are just about ready.  We have however had a bit of a holdup on the t-shirts and bags. We went to pick them up today only to discover that Norwich Screen Art do not open on Saturdays.  Despite attempts to call, email and contact via Facebook we can’t seem to get hold of Jo or his staff.  So if any of you know Jo Edye from Norwich Screen Art please would you beg on our behalf to let us come and collect our merch any time between now and 12pm on Monday.  Don’t worry if you have pre-ordered your anniversary merch guys, you will get it I promise, it just might not be on Monday. 😦

So that small hiccup aside, we are ready to hit you all with the biggest and besets brickfest yet.  All our staff have their circus costumes ready, feel free to join us… although if any of you come as clowns we may witness Tash running screaming from the pub up the road lol. Our resident face painter K-lee will be on site to give you a hand if you want to get made up in crazy circus fashion.  With 38 awesome bands all biting at the bit to play their part, we are all set for an awesome day – all we need now is you guys. Don’t forget, we start at 12pm and finish at 12 midnight. It is just a tiny £2 entry all day long but if you leave the venue, you will have to queue to get back in (due to fire regs)  so plan to stay with us all day if you can.  Kids under 12 years old get in free!  Don’t worry about food, we got that covered too – there is a BBQ tent in the garden providing burgers and rolls to keep you sated as well as an outside bar to stop you having to come in for drinks if you plan to sunbathe all day. Don’t forget to bring your shades, sunhats, sun cream etc just in case.

ok, I think thats about it.  This is our tenth year and we sincerely thank you all for sticking with us and making the Brickies so much more than a pub, we are a community full of lovely people, talented musicians, great bands and lots of love – we are so very lucky!  I will catch up with you all next week when we emerge from the other side of BRICKFEST 2016.

Happy Bank Holiday everyone!!!


Charley, Pam, Em and all of the Brickies family  xxxx

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